1. N

    How to redeem Amazon gift cards

    I want to know the best way to redeem Amazon gift cards virtual code that was sent to email.. it's not physical card.
  2. adska

    eBay/Amazon features

    Hello, For those who use eBay or Amazon platforms, both from a buyer's and a seller's perspective, what advantages do you think are lacking? What could make the work easier or give an edge over others? For example, collecting certain statistics, tracking items, automating processes, etc.
  3. K

    Create multiple amazon accounts

    How can I create like 10 Amazon buyer accounts without it being suspended? I know we need a different address and card number. But if I registered with a different address and card number, how would I get 10 different ones? Do people register with a fake card number and then later add their real...
  4. vorakkas

    Any way to gauge the number of sold book/ebook copies? (Amazon)

    Books and kindle ebooks, not necessarily "how to" guides - novels, fantasy, sci-fi titles etc I've seen something about Amazon ranking being a possible indicator but no idea how to calculate it, if that's even possible, and most sites/blogs I run into are probably outdated by now
  5. M

    Need traffic using click farm ?

    I need fake traffic on amazon ads using clickfarm. Need 10000 clicks per day on average ? anyone interested ?
  6. tylero

    I want to buy new Amazon accounts

    If you can create hundreds of Amazon accounts per day. Dm so that I can buy them. $0.05 per account.
  7. tylero

    Why Amazon temporarily locked your account after buying something.

    Did your Amazon account become"locked" right after a purchase? This is probably why. You login, see some stuff you want to buy, put it in the cart, and checkout. Everything was fine. You've done this before. But then you got an e-mail telling you to send a fax to unlock your account. Maybe you...
  8. tylero

    Amazon is giving away too much value. Almost $50 for an account that's not even a prime member. How are they really making money?

    If I don't know better, I would say that Amazon is a high level money laundry program. When they initially launched, Jezz Bezos made it his personal mission that Amazon's prices would be lowest; it was a total throat cutting competition. He basically snoops on other marketplaces and undercuts...
  9. thesyndicate

    Did not someone post a thread about and coloring books on Amazon

    Did not someone post a thread about and coloring books on Amazon? I trying to search for it but can not find it.
  10. Goar

    Help in creating an AMAZON SELLER ACCOUNT

    Good afternoon, guys. I'm a little tired already with this topic, but I won't solve my problem in any way. I want to create an Amazon seller account, but I don't want to specify my real documents and my company. Can you tell me if it is possible to purchase document rendering? Maybe someone will...
  11. tylero

    [JV] Your Amazon Gift cards + My business strategy

    If you have a way of getting Amazon gift cards, message me so that we partner on a business idea which can bring in profits. To be upfront, the business is on Amazon and the method increases the earning potential gotten from the gift cards.
  12. tylero

    JV: Automation of Amazon

    Hi, if you are adept at automation, message me so that we can partner and make profit on Amazon by automating some activities like purchases, addtocart and lists. Profit potential: 1 to 5k per month.
  13. The Accountant

    Amazon/Paysafe Card Exchange to Crypto/Paypal?

    Is there any oficial website where i can exchange such or is there someone else that cares to do so?
  14. Digitly

    Amazon AWS Account Creation (help needed)

    I was able to verify my credit card, but I was unable to complete phone verification(I have used various numbers, both local & international) every time I get the following message: "Sorry, there was an error processing your request. Please try again, and if the error persists, contact AWS...
  15. bbrokeaf

    Need US Verified Amazon KDP Paperback Reviews

    Title basically says it all, let me know if you got reviews
  16. Thread-V-wordpress-WD.jpg


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  17. AllOutAnime

    Is reselling through Amazon a thing?

    Let's say has a product that is not listed on Amazon Spain but would ship it to a customer in Spain. I have seen people list a product from on Amazon Spain. They insert the same product with same pictures but say delivery is 2 - 3 weeks (because it comes from...
  18. M


  19. N

    Product review affiliate site opinion

    I was planning to add product review (comp hardware) section to my site until recent Google update. In your opinion is there any point of continuing with this plan or is Google just consider that as a spam and deindex my site, once they realize I don't have photo evidence of actually...
  20. MRDon7

    [NEW 2024 SECRET METHOD + GUIDE] How To Make Money By Publishing 15-20 Page Word Documents To Amazon With Zero Capital

    ATTENTION : Do you want to learn a NEW BOOK PUBLISHING METHOD of publishing hot selling books on Amazon without any capital IN 2024? Do you want to learn a NEW BOOK PUBLISHING METHOD of publishing word documents that you don't have to write by yourself on Amazon IN 2024? Do you want to learn a...
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