1. B

    [NEED] Unverified Amazon Product Rating in Bulk (US Marketplace)

    I need unverified Amazon ratings in bulk for US Marketplace. I have several products I need this for. I can provide text for the unverified ratings.
  2. TonyTao

    Should I start earn money by affiliate with Amazon, eBay?

    Hi, I have joined here many years ago but I have not started any journeys yet! Now I want to start with affiliate. is it good for start it now? Can anyone share documents for beginner? Thank so much!
  3. B

    Verified Amazon reviews for US

    I'm looking for verified Amazon for reviews.
  4. G

    I need amzn reviews

    I'm looking for only 2 people to buy a product and write a five star review, What your getting out: - Full refund after review (Paypal or Coinbase) - A free product DM me if interested in Discord GGNinja#3854 (Its not expensive btw)
  5. nifras

    Deranked amazon site ranking. from last week Slowly getting traffic

    my affiliate site traffic went to 70% less after the Review update. Since last week i am getting traffic from people who started purchasing for Christmas or any algo changes. Does anyone experience same?
  6. lanterns

    Do you guys have any type how to keep track of listing product on a marketplace

    As I have to upload 2700 reference and don't how to manage this and know exactly what have been uploaded or not thank you
  7. Cro7

    Amazon FBA + Tiktok method (bonus: dropshipping IG acc with 50mil views on IG in less than 1month)

    Hello everyone, one idea came up to my mind. Some are probably doing this, but for some this may be new. I though of doing Amazon FBA + promoting those items on TikTok (videos like "best items you can find on amazon", "tiktok made me buy it" and other creative ideas that could get lots of...
  8. Didou

    Do affiliate links on informative blog posts affect the overall ratio?

    Hello everyone Let's say you've embedded an Amazon Affiliate link or banner into an informative blog post. Will this blog post become a money page, or will it remain an informative article in Google's eyes? And is it going to affect the overall ratio of informative to commercial posts on the...
  9. Tragile

    Looking to buy Verified Amazon Reviews (Verified with USA based customers)

    Hi, I'm not looking for a bulk once, but long term small orders of QUALITY reviews. If possible, with custom content. Let me know your rates brackets too. Thank you.
  10. E

    It's about competitors on Amazon. I'm looking for a blackhatter!

    Hello. I do wholesale on Amazon. Some competitors, who do not know the trade, are now really pushing the limits. Yes, this is business. Yes, it's a competitive community. No problem. I am ready for fair trade. However, some sellers are selling products without making a profit, despite warning...
  11. IceActually

    Is there a Minimum Threshold for Amazon's Lowest Price in 30 Days tag?

    I've tried $0.01 on a $20 product, and that isn't enough to trigger that label. My plan is to continue playing with the price to see what the minimum threshold is, and then if that's cheap enough, lower the price each 30 days by that threshold amount during the holiday season. That being said...
  12. D

    AWS Account Port Open

    Hello, Any one can provider and AWS Account port 25 open I can pay 500USD per account ?
  13. Exxtra

    [JV] Your Amazon Affiliate Account(s) + My Email Traffic

    Contact me by PM if: You have one or more US amazon affiliate accounts in good standing You are willing to accept bulk email traffic on those accounts You are willing to identify "hot" products for the US market and create affiliate links to those products You know how to prevent the account...
  14. B

    Amazon stealth Question

    Want sure where to put this. No Amazon category. How can you bypass video selfie on amazon stealth? Will they really send a post card? Also, is it profitable these days doing drop shipping. I hear margins pretty slim as china can ship directly using warehouse and its saturated with sellers.
  15. Huziplex

    Micro Niches for AMAZON AFFLIATE

    I am researching micro niches for amazon associates program if anyone has experience kinldy guide me how to find best micro niches on which i can rank using kgr method.
  16. M

    Starting My first Journey To 100$ per month with KDP

    Hello Everyone, I'm sorry for my bad English so bear with me. Welcome to my Journey to reach at least 100$ per month with Kdp low-content books I am already working with kdp since May 2020, But I m not putting in the work so I m not making any great results So "I'm going to change that". This...
  17. J

    Hello from Spain! - Any Advice????

    I just wanted to introduce myself, although I have been register for few month I havent done it yet, but Im forcing my self to post here everyday from now on, so I can get to the 100 post and enter in the premium club! :D So yeah my name is Jose, I live in Spain and I have been leaning SEO...
  18. nnslay

    Looking for USA Amazon personal account to post review

    Hello, I'm looking for the aged USA Amazon personal account to review our product and post video&pictures review on extra commision is available. PM my skype:live:nolywei1994_1 or my Email:[email protected]
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