1. callmemaximillian

    ScrapeBox does not see AJAX?

    I looked through the forum wanted to figure out, how can handle websites, where AJAX is used (you will not see data in the source code) and found the thread: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/scrapebox-the-ultimate-serp-scraper-auto-blog-commenter-with-prstorm-mode.129096/page-919#post-9376157...
  2. DetectiveKenta

    Trying to make an AJAX a promise in order to force the app to wait

    I'm trying to use an AJAX in an application using puppeteer.js. In puppeteer everything returns a promise so you can effectively use the await keyword before most actions to force it to wait. This is kind of crucial since I need certain things done in chronological order. However, let's say I...
  3. L

    I want to scrape an ajax website, but detects my bot (Ubot professional stealth edition).

    I'm creating a mailing bot with ubot, but i have a problem when gathering my friends, because there is a button that has to be clicked, so there appear more friends. the probem is that ajax detects that i'm a robot, and the the button that loads more friends, begins to stay frozen for longer...
  4. TwICeTeMpTeD

    Freelancer or Freelancers For PHP-Fusion CMS Projects

    I am seeking a freelancer or perhaps multiple freelancers to work on projects inside my PHP-Fusion CMS based website. I have 5+ projects that I need to hire external sources for and I prefer to hire freelancers. I prefer to pay these jobs as a budget and not per hour because I know how people...
  5. G

    need autoshop help ajax file

    l need someone who knows how to upload an ajax file on a hosting site. it is for an autoshop.
  6. T

    Looking for an Android Developer (Intel XDK)

    I have developed an app... which was previously built for the web in php... Everything is done but there are so many bugs on the user interface (menu, login, notifications etc..) Anybody with previous experience please PM me.
  7. R

    Data scraping, is it legal and what are the best methods to display data?

    I've been researching sites that scrape data for statistical purposes and have come across a few such as Statscrop, Statmyweb, and Uglystat My question is what are they using to gather their statistics and why is it they are legal? I realize Google is the biggest web scraper on the planet but...
  8. T

    SEO Needed... & de-optimization of decade old stuff

    Hello All, I am in need of SEO. First, I need to get rid of old results from a decade ago when googling my url. The old stuff, is the old company that went out of business 10 years ago or more. I was the last hired, first let go as they went down & first to claim the name. Still got the...
  9. D

    php/java programmer, project 90% done needs some tweaks in the java

    project done
  10. M

    Newbie Question : Coded a half decent site, now what?

    So I've coded Mediaget. It's a pretty decently organized site. One problem is that most of the content on the home page is loaded through ajax (Type in a letter in the tv-show or movies tab and click on any one of the results). Will this be a problem in my SEO?
  11. MMnemonic

    Website Developer NEEDED (Javascript-Jquery-Ajax Expert)

    The site that I?m trying to make is very much like OpenTable.com. I want the exact layout with one difference that google maps will be part of the main page with markers showing the specific points on the map. Other than that, the way people can search, refine their search, navigate, see the...
  12. nativepro

    Ajax-powered contact form for Facebook tab

    Does anyone here have the html and php files to insert an ajax-powered contact form on a Facebook tab? Here's what I'm looking for: http://www.hyperarts.com/social-media-consulting/facebook-application-tab-page-fbml.html#hyperforms
  13. D

    WTH: CSS, PHP, Ajax, Mysql web programmer required

    Hi, Looking for a programmer to create a paypal based subscription website. Needed expert in CSS, Ajax, PHP, MySql. Please PM me samples of work and I will then send you a detailed project info (3 pages). Thank you.
  14. V

    My Service

    I offer dedicated service as a freelancer. My specialized area of operation is SEO, Article writing, Web Marketing, and all other related stuffs. Apart, i am an effcient coder in PHP, AJAX, JAVA SCRIPT.I am capable to provide successful solution in any web developement projects in this arena...
  15. S

    Ajax Landing pages

    I was curious if anyone has ever used them? How well did they or do they convert for you? I would think since there is so many that they would be considered duplicate content or am I wrong? Thinking of buying all 8000 of them. Just wanting to get some insight before purchasing.
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