Newbie Question : Coded a half decent site, now what?


Dec 29, 2011
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So I've coded Mediaget. It's a pretty decently organized site. One problem is that most of the content on the home page is loaded through ajax (Type in a letter in the tv-show or movies tab and click on any one of the results). Will this be a problem in my SEO?
Yes, it could be a problem in SEO... Search engines do have a problem in crawling rich media files like flash, AJAX etc.

So, if possible avoid Ajax or do not add any important files in Ajax which you want to get crawled by search engines.
I believe I read that Google started crawling javascript, so it might not be a problem in the near future, but I'm sure it affects ranking, especially with other search engines.
i think yes it has an effect in all search engine. but if you provide huge list of backlinks, it will be ok. but i takes much time. so better reduce or even change the ajax, flash, etc..
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