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Mar 27, 2016
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I am seeking a freelancer or perhaps multiple freelancers to work on projects inside my PHP-Fusion CMS based website. I have 5+ projects that I need to hire external sources for and I prefer to hire freelancers. I prefer to pay these jobs as a budget and not per hour because I know how people usually tend to pad their hours to make more money and budget pay ensures the freelancer will focus entirely on the job at hand. I will give a brief break-down on the projects I need completed so if you are interested in one or more than one, please let me know. I am listing the most important here.

PHP-Fusion Paid Membership Infusion Add-On
This Infusion will allow users to purchase paid memberships directly on the site and be automatically assigned to the user group that grants access to the content available for that user group once payment is made. Most features of PHP-Fusion allow you to assign which user groups can access what, however some coding will need to be done to bypass those that don't. This will be a very complex project. The Infusion will need an admin panel so I can specify areas each member group can access. Memberships will also automatically expire and messages will be sent to notify them of expiration. It needs integrated with Payza, Skrill, BitCoin and Stripe to process credit/debit cards directly. This is a basic overview of this job and what it will require. This obvious needs a powerful admin panel.

Nice Ajax Members Online Panel
I need a nice appearing and properly functioning AJAX based online panel for members that shows who is online and who has been online in a set number of time. It will need an admin panel so I can alter how many users to show, the delay between updates and etc. I would also like to be able to disable certain features like user avatars/genders showing by usernames, etc. The panel must refresh without page load. I do have a design already created for the CMS that is what I want but it is not AJAX and I have a simple AJAX panel that does work but doesn't have the features I required.

Full Ajax Shoutbox
I want an absolutely gorgeous Shoutbox. It must update shouts automatically with no page refresh, also needs admin panel. Again, the shoutbox needs to display the time and date of users shout, site username with link to profile, small avatar icon, gender icon and possibly more. I know of a few shoutboxes I like that could be converted to fit my needs.

If you are up to any of these taks, let me know. I need them completed ASAP and budget can be discussed.
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