help wanted

  1. PandaBusters

    Black-to-white-hat-transformation soon, with total AI explosion

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, My website is under construction, and I need help with commissioned programmers/salesmen/customer support/content providers. Please see my threads, including the one in "Hire a Freelancer". The "Dirty Dozen" is based on a true story, and I am like Lee Marvin, let me show...
  2. LamborghiniDreamer

    First thread :) need some advice

    Hey my name is Giovani and ive been so fascinated with affiliate/internet marketing for the past 4 years. 2 years ago i made my first commission it was $40 dollars i was so happy. But then alot in my life has happened and i stopped working on affiliate marketing. Now i want to take ot serious...
  3. TwICeTeMpTeD

    Freelancer or Freelancers For PHP-Fusion CMS Projects

    I am seeking a freelancer or perhaps multiple freelancers to work on projects inside my PHP-Fusion CMS based website. I have 5+ projects that I need to hire external sources for and I prefer to hire freelancers. I prefer to pay these jobs as a budget and not per hour because I know how people...
  4. C

    Hardcore Squeeze Page Designer Wanted...

    I have a basic sign-up page for my singles dating affiliate website and I need a Hardcore squeeze page Designer.. show me samples of your work and Let me hire you to do my project.. I can be contacted at [email protected] Thanks...Cullen
  5. S

    {Need} Experience YouTube Uploader

    Need someone experienced in uploading large amounts of videos (300-400 total) to different YouTube accounts. Must be knowledgeable about changing their IP's. This can be done either manually or automated. Will need to also change tags, titles, etc to appear as unique videos. PM me if...
  6. FairyRevenue

    help with clickbank!

    When i click promote nothing happens i restarted pc still does not work. what should i do? Im sorry if this is wrong section. anyone else having this problem?
  7. fbfans

    any senukex users want to help me?

    I am in a position of needing to boost the rankings of my sites but not the experience of an seo marketer. Having looked at senukex Im totally out of my depth so what I am looking for is people with the software to help me out somewhat by using the software to promote my sites. Obviously I...
  8. A

    Help with hits

    I need to generate hits to a project that i'm working on. Is there any easy way or program out these to build a bunch of hits to the site? It's not a affiliate site nor an advertising site so real hits aren't really needed. Can anyone help?
  9. S

    A little help needed with automated linkbuilding $$

    Hello, I'm needing some help setting up an automated method of increasing ranking in serp results for "1" keyword, the Nich is travel, and the other sites have a much higher authority and backlink network than myself, sadly most of them are cross linking to their own sister sites. I've tried...
  10. N

    German Affiliate needs help

    Hello,im a German affiliate,but im working in different Countries Sweden Italy Denmark Germany Spain Netherlands USA But i dont have so much about Blackhate and Whitehate I need someone take me buy the hand and help me... Perhaps we can make a cooperations Thanks for Help^^
  11. B

    backtrack hydra problem

    Hi, im quite new to the blackhatworld, but i've messed alot with backtrack. I know already how the sniff-spoof tools and related work, but i'd like to have some information of the hydra program. I haven't found any guides or tutorials yet and I didn't understand much from posts on other forums...
  12. easymlmpro

    $15-$20K/mo residual. Network Marketing Team Needs Help

    My first post in this forum so I hope it is appropriate. There is a lot of scary talent in here :-) We are a group of successful network marketers looking for technical assistance with driving targeted traffic to numerous websites of our team members. Other planned activities: Boost...
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