1. D


    I'm seeking one friend with Yetishare experience. I would like to use CDN to delivery Wasabi storage. Can someone help me config CDN for Wasabi endpoint “within Yetishare script”? I think we may just need to manually configure the cdn url for the Wasabi endpoint in the script. Note: We have to...
  2. speedie

    [HAF] Write a PHP script to auto-backup WooCommerce data

    Hey guys, I want a PHP script that can backup WooCommerce orders data. The backup should automate at 24-hour intervals so that all orders within a day time window will be taken. Each backup should be in a separate CSV file that will save in the server or cpanel (maybe use a cron job for that)...
  3. speedie

    Re-write this script in .php supported by WordPress

    Hey guys, this blade file is incompatible with my WordPress PHP. I need help converting it to a PHP file that is compatible with WordPress: @php global $product, $post; @endphp @php $quantites_required = false; $previous_post = $post; @endphp <div class="purchase"> <div...
  4. ZEESoft Custom Web Development_Thread Design_Final File_02-01-min.jpg

    ZEESoft Custom Web Development_Thread Design_Final File_02-01-min.jpg

  5. dakudaddy

    E-com Clean Up For Ranking

    Hey I want suggestions from experts before taking action on my client's e-commerce website He is running e-com business in India and the USA, but he has 3 different sites .in, .com, .us. All sites have the same content they are using href lang to avoid duplicate content. They are redirecting...
  6. nomanzf

    Masterful Web Design & Development Premium WordPress Web Solutions, Expert Design & Development, Fully Responsive Websites at a Very Aff...

    PM Me for Portfolio As Per Your Requirement For More Details, Contact Us: Skype: noman.zaffar85 Email: [email protected]
  7. M31

    Creating a betting website

    Hello, We are a team of experienced social media marketing professionals with a strong background in gambling advertising. We are currently exploring the idea of launching our own betting site in Bangladesh without a license. We have had considerable success promoting unlicensed betting sites...
  8. A

    Please Help Me Decode ionCube one file

    Please help me to decode one php file ionCube.
  9. R

    Search Result Page Speed Optimization

    Is there anyone who can help me to increase speed of my search result page? The website is developed in custom PHP programming language and 1M data in database. More details in PM.
  10. Evgenio999

    How to create your own file hosting service?

    How to create your own file hosting service? I need to put a link to an EXE file on the site, but file hosting services often block the link. So I thought it was possible to create my own personal file hosting service and not install virus protection so that there would be no blocking? Tell me...
  11. TZ2011

    Just another Referrer script (php)

    I've seen some scripts lately, using API or python... This might be more user friendly, pure php. It leaves referrer link, also you can set your link in user-agent. Links will be echoed when script finish visiting sites, and each link will show server status code so you know what passed (200)...
  12. D

    Show ads only to organic traffic

    Would showing ads only to visits that come from Google increase profits?
  13. Linu

    [WTH] Someone Who can do php website editing work.If you are genuine then contact me otherwise dont waste my time as well as yours

    Looking for PHP and HTML dev for one of my website. contact me on telegram ---- @linu_l0 for further discussion or discord--- linu#1230 Will you give you the file you just do the editing things offline and if everything is completed then show me through remote. If you are genuine then...
  14. ciphercipher1

    Problem with WordPress API (401 code)

    Hello guys so I am trying to build an auto uploader that will send HTML content and make it a post However I am struggling to establish connection with the site. I am providing correct credentials but i still get 401 error. This is my python code site_url =...
  15. Z


    i really want a cpa landing page to promote content locker so my question is what i have to learn in order to create one? i know nothing about java, css or html etc
  16. Bala911

    Seeking Expert Help for ERP-WordPress Integration Issue

    Hello Blackhat World Community, I hope you're all doing well. I'm reaching out to this community to seek assistance from someone experienced in ERP-WordPress integration, specifically regarding an issue we're facing with product synchronization. Here's the situation: We've built an E-Commerce...
  17. M

    Web Developer to Duplicate my existing Website

    Good Day So two things I'm looking for: 1. A Web Developer to make an exact duplicate of my current website which is in PHP, might be preferable to change it to WordPress if possible. This would just be a contingency for if the main site goes down. 2. A web developer with knowledge how to...
  18. seancoder

    XAMPP vs LAMP for Starters.

    Which one would you suggest for a newbie when starting out, XAMP or LAMP. I know there is the issue of low budget when starting out but I had much more luck and bumped into fewer issues with LAMP ? What would you suggest to a starter from your experience ?
  19. M

    Help Decode 1 Ioncube File

    Hi guys, Could you help me to decode this one file? In readme file this file needs PHP 7.2 Thank you :) File link : Virus Total ...
  20. A

    Ioncube Decoder for PHP

    Hello I have some files, can someone help me to decode them. Encoding with ioncube php 7.2 download: If the link does not work, I will attach the file.
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