adwords campaign

  1. Sicknigajay

    How to temporary pause campaign without affecting the optimizations?

    Don't know if anyone can help but I would appreciate anything. Does pausing a campaign every day affects the performance in any way? Because I put my campaign on pause every end of the day and I have noticed a drastic change in my traffic compared to last month's traffic and quality. What do you...
  2. A

    how to get clicks or visitors frequently in Adwords

    I want to set up Adwords campaign to get the more click in the lowest time period as much as faster I need lots of visitors on my landing page very frequently like back to back visitor. what type of ads copy (display ads) can I use or which type of keywords can I use to get instant traffic...
  3. vcc

    Giveway 150$ Adwords Coupon

    $150 free ad credit when you spend $150.* PROMOTIONAL CODE: 33D7A-GKNRK-LY66 Redeem by September 30, 2018 $150 free ad credit when you spend $150.* PROMOTIONAL CODE: 9HEEC-RJGED-QUDX Redeem by September 30, 2018 works Only Fresh Account that not used any coupon before .
  4. Gravitylab

    [JV] Your adwords accounts-my lander,campaign and idea.

    Need someone who can deliver some like 7-8 adwords accounts everyday. i have white hat offer which generates good $$$ daily. So you generate accounts with threshold $350 and ill run camps and we split 50-50. For proofs,i can show live on remote what i am doing. pm for more info.
  5. Gravitylab

    Adword help needed!

    hello folks, i am actually looking for somoene who can teach me on how to use template tracking on adwords, i was using it 3 months ago but then after i was not abe to use. Please if someone is using this thing and know well can message me with thier price. ill be paying via Paypal and Bitcoin*...
  6. M

    Invoicing available

    If you are working with adwords and not getting success let me know I am sell ing Invoicing account with $10000 daily spending limit. sky pe: morgankrn
  7. seofanatics

    Take Note If You're Using Call Extension In AdWords

    AdWords call extension is one of the favorite extensions that many search advertisers use. With this extension, Google will display you or your company’s phone number along with your ads, making it possible for searchers to call you for business. This is really a cool feature for those who would...
  8. I

    Adwords New Campaign Issue 2-3 Business days review

    When i tried to make any campaign to adword account. then whenever my ads got approved status but its not getting live and going 2-3 business days under review. Does anyone know how to skip this? Because any ad we put its going to under review 2-3 business days and then they make account...
  9. pulkitseo

    How to calculate minimum budget ?

    Hello everyone, How can we calculate minimum budget of campaign based on three keywords ? I have no idea how to give minimum budget to the client for adwords campaign (given three keywords ) I would like to know detailed procedure how to give minimum budget to the client...This is first PPC...
  10. deathx01

    Tips & tricks for a good adwords campaign

    Hello everybody, I am on my way to start a new adwords campaign for my e-commerce website , i was doing standard SEO before, and i dont know all the tricks for a good adwords campaign. If you have some suggestions starting maybe with what type of words to use , if its better to choose words with...
  11. A

    Running campaigns through vouchers

    Hi Everybody, I was wondering something. How do most people run their adwords campaigns through vouchers? I can get allot of voucher but would like to know how I would be able to use them all for 1 website. i've heard about several methods one of which is registering cheap domains and...
  12. dreamcoder28

    Can I have Amazon Affiliate link on the landing page when using Adwords

    hey guys, I'm starting a campaign on adwords for one of my Amazon Affiliate websites, so I just wanna know that can I have the "Buy Now" amazon affiliate link on the landing page Thanx a lot :)
  13. W

    Delete AdWords Campaign

    Can we really "delete" AdWords campaign ? If you try to "delete" campaign/ad group/keywords/ads, it doesn't removed from you account, only the status chance from "pause" or "active" to "deleted". Anytime when you want to bring it back, you can just change it to "active". What do you...
  14. B

    PPC Spy & Management Tools

    Can someone recommend me of a PPC tool to spy on competitors? I tried PPC Bully, but it didn't really give me the results i wanted, it didn't extract keywords from competitors properly and the bids it gave me were off. I don't want to spend more money on another tool that won't give me a...
  15. B

    Losing Money on AdWords

    I have been advertising on AdWords for about 3 weeks now. Right now, I am PISSED because so far I hav spent $280 and all I have to show for it is $50. So I am running at a loss of $230. Ok the cookies are valid for 60 day (no i DO not mean CS, i actually mean real normal cookies) , but all...
  16. M

    How I Can Make Adwords Campaign more Effective

    I am new to adwords and Just get 75$ coupon can u share some tips how i can make adwords campaign more effective. - Which country is good for advertising. (US traffic return good adsense click though my targeted traffic country is asia ) - How about setting min CPC like 0.01$ ... I have...
  17. F

    [Help] Adwords for content: Just one site

    I'm trying to put some adwords in one website only. The setting are perfect and the keywords too but i haven't clicks or impressions yet. The keywords for this campaing were adquired by KeywordExternalTool. Any tips to do that?
  18. F

    Property Dealer Wants more leads on Google PPC/SEO

    Hi B'Hatters I am seeking sellers leads for my poperty websites I have a few websites that could probably be refined a little more an seeking someone to help me improve what I am doing to get leads. Requirements are: 1) Want more traffic , more clicks , more leads 2) Sellers need to be in a...
  19. X

    I need an expert in ADWORDS for permanent job

    I need an expert in adwords for permanent job. You must have experience (for over 2 years) and good ratings from costumers. Send me a message do not post here. Also say to me how much do you want to earn per hour ($):) I will answer all candidates. Thanks
  20. I

    Bidding Strategies For Adwords Campaign..?

    What's The best Bidding Strategies For Adwords Campaign..? :D 1. Make all the keyword phrase as adgroup : adgroup1 : keyword1 adgroup2 : "keyword1" adgroup3 : [keyword1] adgroup4 : keyword2 adgroup5 : "keyword2" adgroup6 : [keyword2] 2. Make the keyword as adgroup and...
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