adsense + youtube

  1. TaylerColley

    how to open usa youtube channel?

    I want to promote my ebooks to the USA or Europe. is there a method
  2. reaaski

    Free courses on web development - waste of time or not?

    Is it worth it for Adsense on YouTube? CPC in GAds is extremely high when I look at this niche. But is it so lucrative when it comes to content creation? I think such a channel can be easily turned into a selling machine in the future when this industry is going to change. Something new...
  3. B17zr

    [JV] My Adsense Site + Your Traffic

    Hello there I am currently looking for a JV partner. who will be able to traffic the site. You must be experienced in traffic, and what i mean by traffic is LEGIT TRAFFIC, not shady spammy traffic We share the revenue of course. Let me know, if you are interested !
  4. DevilRick

    [QUESTION] Yt monetization question

    I have a yt channel with almost 4,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 views. YT does not connect an affiliate program, because my content does not appeal, monetized with affiliate programs for adults, made a little money. Poured into Telegram. Can you tell me what else you can effectively monetize...
  5. S

    Copyright issue: My video on YouTube is embedded somewhere else without noticing me.

    Hi guys, I hope you and your family well in this Covid-19 pandemic. To save your time, I'll go straight to the point: - I uploaded my video on YouTube. - Then someone embed that video on his website, along with the video description - accurately the same, and in his post, it reads that...
  6. Zablo

    How to reactivate closed Adsense account after 9 years?

    So before asking my question I want to give a little background, I started blogging when I was 15 years old or so I used to post tech and stuffs that I used to find over the internet by doing useless searches and used to organized and just organized on my blog and I didn't really cared for views...
  7. L

    How People Get rights to Monetize Youtube Contents!

    I recently seen some Youtube channel, non-own content and they are allowed to monetize the content they using like these:, I tried myself with some clips i maded some compilations, and...
  8. powbow

    YT Method works but banned too quickly (Monetization?) (Adsense/Bank Account)

    I've read a few posts like this already but with no solid answers, I've got a good method to upload videos that get good views but they are against the youtube t.o.s and they do get my accounts banned once yt sees them. The problem is they're going to ban my adsense/Block my bank account from...
  9. riloher

    Youtube Copyright....

    Hi EveryOne I just Received A copyright Strike on my video But for the first time It says " We have identified copyrighted content in your video. You monetize this video and share the revenue generated with the copyright holder. " Im not new with youtube but this is my first time getting this...
  10. H

    YT security while making money (Interesting case)

    hello, I would like to address this question to those who have done these things, not to those who theoretically "knows" Situation: Let's assume there is a channel which was created 4 year ago. And manager uploaded 60+ videos about specific content uploaded at once. Let's say its TV show...
  11. Z

    how to get youtube channel monetized ?

    Hello there i've been looking for a way to get my youtube channel monetized , since i'm not a content creator i'm just looking for a faster way to get a youtube channel monetized i saw this thread here...
  12. Renfield-Files

    Blog Niches For 2020: Travel and Tourism

    Matter of fact travelling and Tourism are great niches since forever, and few niches are so steady for semi-autopilot earnings. 2 years ago I set up a blog covering one of the most beautiful landscapes in Brazil. By car, 609 KM of Beaches, Islands, Old French and German architeture and etc...
  13. Renfield-Files

    Is Adsense back?

    I was close to give up on Adsense. But since late 2018 things went back on track and gains if not like 2010-15... Can be considered good and steady! What do you guys think have happened? Even money blogs with 2500-5000 visits/day pour US$ 15/20. Not great but also... Not bad.
  14. mdnaziurrhm

    Finally Monetization Enabled!

    Finally youtube enabled my monetization of Google Adsense at the 3rd day of applying. I was not expecting so fast to get approved. Now it's time to work more harder for better revenue!