1. A

    Which is the best way of money making in stable way

    1.Selling service 3.News website 4.affliate marketing Recommend me best place to learn
  2. C


    [ Sorry for my bad english : / I hope you'll understand me ] Hi , I need your help . Basically I'm investigating on a "secret trick" that can make channels with only 1k subs get 1 million views on one their videos in less that a month ! How I discovered this method ? Basically I used to have...
  3. A

    How to optimize adult ads for more clicks?

    I am working with ExoClick and a blogger site. I have only two ads, a native ad, and an instant message. So, is there any way to optimize ad placement for more clicks and thus more revenue.
  4. C


    So basically I checked one my old youtube channels ( lost monetization due to low watchtime ) . I was very surprised when I saw that I’m earning money like 0,60$ per week whereas my watchtime it’s under 400 000 hours and I can’t apply for monetisation . Do you think it’s because of youtube...
  5. C


    Guys we talk a lot about youtube adsense revenue , CPM etc... But is there a way to monetize PornHub non-original content , like for example compilations . And get a good amount of money . Because I know that the pornhub cpm is close to youtube but I think like youtube you have to produce your...
  6. C

    Is it possible to make over 3000$ on youtube in 2 months ?

    So I need this amount to invest in a business project during this summer and the method I'm most comfortable with is Youtube . There was a time on youtube where it was really easy to make Good Easy and FAST money back in (2014 - 2016 ) . Right know a huge amount of content have lost monetization...
  7. C

    Secret Method To Monetize Compilations Videos On Youtube ?

    So , l'am the owner of a compilation channel on youtube . I like making these kind of videos . And I knew that it was impossible to monetize them without using my own voice commentary in it to make it original content . BUT ! Recently I had a conversation with someone who do the same type of...
  8. Bukunmi

    Auguilla adsense

    Pls how can i recieve my adsense earnings from my anguilla based adsense account and I'm not from anguilla
  9. yahyamedox

    Adsense CPC and CTR

    Hi ! I'm into adsense arbitrage these days, I get traffic from facebook for 0,03cpc but cpc in adsense is only 0,15$ and ctr 3% is there any thing to do about that I used hight paid cpc keywords in the article without any help will appreciate any suggestions
  10. Alex0808

    Demonetized with in 3 days after approval

    I got 41$ from adsense and now demonetized. Anyway to get back monetization? All are reused videos. *By the way owner of the content have no objection if I post his content.
  11. F

    0 Clicks on Adsense in last 8+ hours on 1kUVs

    Is also anyone experiencing this? For some strange reason, adsense is showing me 0 clicks on almost 1kUVs in last 8 hours or maybe even more. In last few weeks I gotnon average 30-45 clicks on 1k UVs. I don't know what to do. It is quite "scary". PS: most of this traffic is organic from google.
  12. S

    I want to profit from adsense with the movies website

    Hi I have a movie site and I have another small site with ads Adsense I've seen some sites that are bringing traffic from a website to Adsense to a site with Adsense ads But the page with Adsense ads appears only for those who come from a specific site If you go directly to the site, you will...
  13. ZED911

    WTF should i do with this project ?

    hello everyone , ive been here for a while now & ive been reeding alot till i reached the point of not knowing what im i gonna do to start my IM journey a little background : im from a 3erd world countrie where non of paypal/stripe/etc are allowed , we are not even allowed to send money...
  14. N

    Job board websites... pissed off

    Hy. I am working in dubai. Right now i need to change my job. So i use for searching job. When i see jobs they says apply via company website. When i see the company website lot of ads by google. When i click there social media icons nothing. I tried many websites all are same only...
  15. siri123

    how to use adsens

    how to use adsens in 9gag{.}com any users can post copyright content how they make it
  16. T

    PO Box for google adsense

    Hi guys! Can I use a Post Office Box as my address on adsense account to receive my PIN code? I can't find any rules about it. Thank you
  17. T

    Lost my adsense account

    Hi, I had an adsense account, but it got banned because my website was serving copyright content. There are websites serving similar contents but they still showing adsense ads. 1- Why are my account got banned while the other websites with the same contents are still running ads? 2- Is there...
  18. S

    Need a high converting Adsense page design/template

    hello friends! I just stumbled on a arbitrage opportunity keyword and can generate pretty targeted traffic to the page with adsense. However the conversion (CTR) is non existent. This traffic is expensive so the CTR has to be high to make any money. Are there any good templates or ideas to...
  19. S

    my first post about earn directly from adsense

    best way to earn from Adsense is by put your account number in this si this site put your ads from Adsense and you need to earn traffic Good luck
  20. M

    Help a lost man make some money ho tried everything.

    Hello Mickie is my name and i live in sweden. (so sorry for bad English) I want to make some extra Money on internet and I have tried almost everyting. i have tried internetmarketing with clickbank both building sites and just bought ads but got like 1 sale in 5 years. I have tried to become an...