YT Video Disappears After Upload

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    Oct 21, 2016
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    Hi guys!
    Since monday im having a weird problem on yt. After finishing the upload of a video i try to find him by writing the name of the niche + sort by today/hour and the video just disappears out of nowhere. It goes to the bottom of the page and idk why.
    Usually after doing the upload the video goes to the top of the "today" or "hour" page but now i can't even find it. I tried with new proxies, new account's... Still happen's. It pisses me off cuz im doing everything as i always do ...
    "Oh but who care's if the video it's in the top of the page or not" - It does cuz when this happens I know that i could send 1 million views the video would not rank. I tried. When a video act's like that, you can remove it, it won't move.
    Has anyone had a similar problem?

    Thank you