youtube + cpa

  1. M

    How do You Use YouTube as a Parasite?

    How do you use YouTube (supposedly a brand new channel with zero subscribers and zero watch hours) in order to drive traffic to your affiliate offer/ CPA offer/ adult tube offer or attracting traffic for anything in general?
  2. M

    Upload a video to the YouTube channel

    Hello, I bought an old YouTube channel and posted a video on it and put the name, description and keywords, but when no views came, and the video I made it myself and I made the thumbnail as well, but no views came. I need help, please, in solving the views problem. Thank you and have a nice day
  3. mrsmilyy

    Can i post more than 10 videos per day without having problems ? (fb, tiktok, yt, insta, Twitter, pinterest, linkedin)

    Hy everyone, Can i post more than 10 videos per day without having problems ? (fb, tiktok, yt, insta, Twitter, pinterest, linkedin) What is the maximum numbers of videos to post in theses socials media without being like spammer and risking put down audience ? THANK you
  4. H

    How to Monetize YT Shorts Traffic

    Hey, I started a new YouTube channel 90 days ago and it's generated 388K views and 500 subs in that time, mainly from YouTube shorts. I can replicate this kind of traffic all day long like clock work. This channel is more my personal one for promoting my music. I am considering creating a new...
  5. kelturon

    buy YouTube accounts with advanced features

    YouTube accounts with advanced features. Handmade. Free Trial. Introduction YouTube has become an indispensable platform for businesses and individuals seeking to establish a strong online presence. With an enormous user base surpassing billions and a staggering amount of...
  6. D

    What is the best way to promote Casino Affiliate?

    Hi, I'm an affiliate and I'm looking for ways to promote offers through VParners, I tried instagram, tiktok, some reply's would help, thanks!
  7. MehtaM

    Looking to buy YouTube Comunity Polls shares/votes

    If you're doing CPA then you know about this. Not looking for fake SMM shares/votes
  8. Solo00

    CPAGrip + YouTube works?

    Hello to you all BHW community, I'm new here, and I'm also new to IM . I want to ask you guys some questions. I was wondering that do I have to create a website for CPA + YouTube or I can just show the link in the description? If creating website is necesseary for CPA which website builder...
  9. D

    How I can monetize yt shorts with cpa link without getting account banned in one day?

    Hi, How I can put links to cpa shorts? I tried pinned comment and somehow I got blocked everytime from youtube even when my content is decent quality and white-hat. This was my marketing. Format: Yt Shorts | Niche: Golf | Monetisation: PDF with content locker by CPA GRIP. (of course hosted...
  10. middeen2004

    Views suddenly stopped after video was trending in old channel

    So I bought an old YT channel and opened it for a few days to warm it up, then I uploaded a CPA video. about microw niche - The first hour, the video wasn't in the top results for any keywords. - After the first hour, the video was in the top results for every keyword and had a lot of views. -...
  11. nachovarga

    How to make a video promoting a scammer scammer site does not get banned

    The video is made to promote a site with a content locker, it is about a site with "free 15000 riot points", traffic directed from outside, so the views through youtube search is about 80%. Mainly traffic from the US. The link is in the description and in the pinned comment. how to make it not...
  12. Dinuxen


    Hello, Everyone, I'm new to here and like to take your advice on my problem. I have 500 anti detected browsing profile and I like to use them on youtube, (each every browsers different have gmail and youtube) here is my problem I have one India based youtube channel it's contents on hindi...
  13. Khalilcha99

    cpa marketing methods

    Hello guys, what's your news? There are many channels that upload 100 videos a day, it's still fresh, and the videos are all the same. How do they benefit from this method, knowing that the channel is closed after less than 24 hours?
  14. designer style

    I want to start a youtube channel with blackhat SEO, what is the best niche to join?

    I want to start a youtube channel with blackhat SEO, what is the best niche to join?
  15. TaylerColley

    how to open usa youtube channel?

    I want to promote my ebooks to the USA or Europe. is there a method
  16. SMMTribe

    [JV] My YouTube Verification Service + Your Clients

    I can verify any YouTube channels without any requirements (but we're selective with accounts to preserve our portal access, and limited spots available). You bring in your clients, we'll verify them. We can negotiate the profit :) DM me, and let me know if you're interested. Communications...
  17. R

    Ask me anything about YT + CPA, SMM, Traffic Boost Beginners and Experts

    Hello everyone, Today I am sharing my years of experience in YouTube and CPA, as well as SMM panels and boosting videos. I currently work with OGAds and CPABuild networks. I am happy to answer any questions you may have, with the exception of specific video ideas. Some examples of questions...
  18. fxony

    CPA + YouTube - Question

    Hello bhw family, I have few questions about CPA + YouTube, if you are expert in this stuff or even just experienced, i would like to hear your opinion. First one is: Is youtube algorithm slightly destroying yt+cpa? I had two aged channels 2 years ago and recently when i wanted to login, they...

    Youtube Cash Cow Channel / Youtube automation Channel

    Hi friends, 1 month ago I started a Cash Cow Channel (youtube automation Channel) in the Top 10/ Luxury, cars, yachts, celebrities, Elon Musk, rich people, etc niche. I bought everything from Upwork, as it has the cheapest workers in my opinion. I paid 15$ for a 1500k words script (10 minutes)...
  20. SeasonedCode

    youtube help

    I just wanna some tips and tricks How can I target tier 1 countries in youtube organic shorts? because most of views come from Asia countries
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