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  1. B

    after change the manager of my channel the views dropped down

    so i have two emails as owner of my channel one of them got hacked that was managing the channel after that i add an email in role of manager but after that change the views dropped down any help guys?
  2. prosmmservice

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  4. spazlee

    7k to 200 hourly views... I am done with YouTube.

    Pretty much exactly the title. Mainly shorts Content, all original, I create original high quality content every day not bs. Also do long form plus livestream, monitised, 40k subs and 250k views every 48hrs. (not bragging but showing I'm established and not re uploading or spamming) I know...
  5. B

    Newbie lookinfr for youtube live stream viewers bot $

    Hello i am new i am looking for a youtub live stream views bot and i will pay contact me in private thank you
  6. Caramelman7

    Question about YouTube views and how to increase it

    Okay so I have been wondering whether, getting views on a video will be done only if an account was signed in. What I m trying to say is do we need to accounts to generate views or can we just use incognito and some proxies to generate views ? If we can do it,are there some free tools for this ...
  7. E

    Youtube Native Ads Views

    Youtube Views We have used these kind of views to help musicians over the world, but mostly in the Balkan area , where we work with more then 400 artists/producers on a monthly basis. We wanted to offer our services here on BHW to scale our business, and also offer this community something in...
  8. P

    Youtube View Bot

    Can Anybody Make (Or Knows Of) A Youtube View Bot Maybe One That Can Do More But Just Views Are Fine ....
  9. A

    YouTube Provider - Views, Views by Geolocation, YouTube Subscribers

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  10. S

    How can i manage 4000 hours watch time within a month for my new YouTube channel?

    I had recently started my YouTubing. But it is quite difficult for me to reach that 4000 hours watch time. Is there any advice for my channel?
  11. F

    Challenging Question For Youtube Pro!

    Hi. I have been experimenting quite a few techniques on Youtube about ranking Keywords and High Ranked Keywords etc. My channel is pretty old, but I am getting my channel alive nowadays by uploading regular contents. Here is my question, - I have figured it out how to get the Ranked Keywords...
  12. Shqipenet

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    YouTube Views We can process large amounts, up to 30m views daily. We specialized in working with Labels and Musicians from around the World. Youtube Ad Views - 1.5usd per K *The minimum order quantity is 500k Youtube Ad Views - 2usd per K *The minimum order quantity is 100k...
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  15. jskieezz

    YouTube Growth

    hey everyone. just wondering if there’s any good ways to get more views on videos. I upload 2-3 times weekly using popular tags, good thumbnails ect. Is there any websites that help with real views? maybe a “view for view” site sort of thing. Thanks
  16. M

    Best SMM For YouTube Likes & Views that deliver SUPER FAST at good prices?

    Hi All, I have been using a SMM for the last year (, however I have noticed the service has gotten far slow in delivering and some orders not even starting with tickets open... But never mind about that... I have am looking for a great SMM that can give me YT Likes and Views...

    Hello everyone! We are We are a service provider of 4000 WATCH TIME, YOUTUBE VIEW, YOUTUBE SUB. Currently we are providing services to many dealers around the world. Many customers have enabled the monetization mode through our service. - We are having a discount policy this...
  18. SpawneR

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  19. mofo

    Is it still possible to buy HR Views for YouTube?

    And if it is, where can I do that?
  20. Pennyliu1993

    AVASMM.COM SMM PANEL | Instagram-Facebook-YouTube-Twitter Instant and Cheap | ALL SOCIAL MEDIA AVAIL

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