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  1. F

    Looking for Script to embed and play YouTube Videos in Background

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a script that helps me to make use of my traffic by generating YouTube Views on certain Video URLs. I have a lot of visitors on my website and would like to use them, to play/view YT Videos in background (without even making the Visitors noticing it). Any solutions or...
  2. Cyw1z

    Selling Monetized Youtube Channels

    Hello This thread is for all kinds of Youtube Channels, If you’re looking to start a youtube business or you’re already a Youtuber. Then you’re in the right place to push your business forward and keep it growing in the perfect way. We’re in youtube business and our main purpose is to help...
  3. User12121

    You need to pay attention when using Youtube Views services

    Youtube has done some updates lately, and I see that some providers in the market are having problems delivering their services. This is a quick reminder to test out one video before you make a bulk order or deposit money you can't risk. :)
  4. N

    Looking for REAL/ORGANIC YOUTUBE VIEWS | NY-USA | Full watch time (1-2mins) | No Monetization Needed

    Hello! I am looking for real/organic youtube views They must come from the USA (ideally NY but not required), must be real/organic, and must watch the whole video (1-2 mins). I am not doing this to monetize, just to get views. Please reach out if you can provide this service with pricing and...
  5. SMMLO

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    OUR TOP SERVICES Instagram Guaranteed Followers starting from $0.26/ 1000 Instagram Likes starting from $0.03/ 1000 PAYMENT METHODS We accept min upload 1$ - VISA, MasterCard - Payeer - Coin Payments - WebMoney - Perfect Money - PayPal - BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC Refund Policy At any time if you...
  6. Twistler

    Does Botting Help Grow Your Channel or Does It Ruin It?

    For as long as I remember, people have always said botting a YouTube channel or social media in general is bad. It's rare for me to actually see people saying botting YouTube is effective I even often see posts here on BHW about people worried that they ruined their channel from botting. To a...
  7. B

    [HELP] Drop in views after going viral

    hello, i start a short channel with gologin and different ip with different email after uploading some videos i publish 3 to 5 shorts they getting 1k to 7k views but 3 days ago views drop to no views i publish shorts they getting no views. Why did the sudden drop happen? Is there any specific...
  8. RandomX

    [HELP] What happened to my channel?

    Hi, I created a channel 3 months ago and started posting some content. It slowly started to grow, but suddenly the views dropped by almost 95%. I didn't try any black hat methods. This channel was created using the same email ID that has one more channel (different niche). My questions are...
  9. Hustlim

    YouTube drop views after delete almost all videos - is chance to get back?

    Hey. Hey, I want to ask someone who has experience with youtube channels. I have started a music channel with which I have got to about 50k views a day. But due to monetization I was forced to remove the videos. There has been a drop and upload of music that I own the rights to. Questions...
  10. shelbey20


  11. A

    YouTube real views with 1-3 min rétention who watch ads on the video

    Hello guys I'm Josef glad to join this heavily information forum . - I was looking for an smm panel service that can provide real YouTube views with at least 1min rétention and watch ads ( I have almost all ads of on the begging of the videos ) so if anyone tested or using a service at...
  12. L

    Can I get youtub3 views with mobile data hot spot?

    If I set up a hotspot with my phone to my laptop and watch the video in a unique vm (useragent, timezone, OS), then switch ip (airplane mode) and switch vm, would it work?
  13. TheAlMighty

    YouTube View botting Live Stream Proxy In 2023

    Hi, as the title suggests, I wanted to start view botting live stream. I already have a good quality working view bot. However the problem is caused by the proxies. I am not sure which proxies to use. Many people here are saying 4G Mobile proxies but the cost of them is too high. Also, I want...
  14. R

    Anyone Suggest best panel for YouTube CTR Boost?

    Hey I searched a lot on this forum but I didn't find the best panel for YouTube CTR. Anyone can suggest good panel with reasonable price?
  15. KaisGuy

    Why you should probably NEVER buy Adwords YouTube views! Unless...

    Adwords YouTube views ~ Sigh ~ Everyone and their mother seems to be selling these types of views. It's the bane of my existence, it should be for you too and here's why ~ Before we get into it, there's a bit of a caveat to this which I'll also touch on, but for all intents and purposes...
  16. Alex HL

    Fansfux | High Quality SMM Panel For Resellers | Very Low Prices | 24/7 Support + LIVE Chat | FREE Credits Available

  17. razharov

    [JOURNEY] 0 content 0 audio - 1 Million+ views

    Hello everyone! Based on this thread: '] I got the idea to do the same, because I got a YouTube Chanel with 8k subscribers thats 10 years+ old and I didn't even use it for anything. The...
  18. smm_panel_mickey

    I'm looking for youtube live stream views and yt Views Provider.

    Hello everyone , I'm looking for youtube live stream views and youtube views Provider . Please inbox me . NOTE : Provider only , no reseller . Big order daily . Thanks!
  19. SmmRapid

    Youtube's last update and stay away from this type views...

    Hello, with the last youtube update, there has been a big decrease in youtube views. For this reason, I would like to explain to you the type of viewing that you should not receive a patch. Ask the person you will receive from the source of the tracking. If "suggested, feautures, home page" If...
  20. LiquidOCELOT

    How i got over 100k views and 650 hours of watch time in November thanks to reddit alternative

    Hey i wanted to share my strategy to boost my views with bhw youtube section what i have done is very easily replicated and any one can do this tbh. I just posted 3 videos per day on 9gag with relevant tags like video, gaming, cryptocurrency, memes, pc master race and shockingly i received over...