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  1. V

    A Comparison of Two Videos From My Channel - I am Confused

    Hi All, I published two videos in the gap of 2 weeks on my channel both on the same theme. Following are the comparisons: Views in first 24 hours: 1 Video - 671 views (Main Traffic Source -> Suggested Videos, Browse Feature) 2 Video - 659 views (Main Traffic Source -> Browse Feature, Channel...
  2. Pegasusmonster

    Youtube Channel and videos suddenly stop getting views

    Why my videos suddenly stop having views. I started automation youtube channel and goes well but everytime i upload videos , took about 1k views and stop getting anymore views. My youtube channel is monetized and it's about wild animals. In my channel a video have more than 600k views and the...
  3. balooka

    Need WORKING YouTube Views - BUT READ FIRST!

    Seeking a Reliable Direct Supplier for High-Quality, Non-Drop YouTube Views We're on the hunt for a direct supplier of stable and non-drop YouTube views, moving beyond the redundancy of SMM Panels that often recycle the same offerings. Currently, our agency invests upwards of $5k monthly into...
  4. V

    Why Youtube Not Sending Views

    Hi All, I published a video and got the following metrices after 6 hours of publishing Video Length: 3:17 Average View Duration: 1:35 (48%) CTR: 10% Total Views: 80 Total Impressions: 434 Traffic Sources: I am not able to understand why I am not able to get views on this video despite CTR...
  5. arap09 | Views, Likes Provider For Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok | Custom Services for Resellers

    Hello BHW We are Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, & Facebook views and likes provider. We only sell what we develop, we've developed our services for months before releasing it to public to ensure 100% satisfactions to our client. We made sure to make our services are fast and...
  6. duncanmetts

    I have 7000+ Devices and 8K Google accounts how to make money from youtube?

    I planning to earn money from adsence via Youtube. I want to create own subscriber because I have 7000+ real mobile and desktop devices with unqiue IP. Also I have arounf 8000+ Gmail accounts. Now can you suggest how to start any guideline?
  7. arap09

    [Giveaway] Free 50 Youtube Views to all

    Hello, It's the month of love so we are giving away 50 Youtube Views. We are giving 50 Non drop views per user per week. So if you want more, post your link or pm us again after 7 days. Just post your links here or pm and we will send 50 views. Enjoy Guys! :)
  8. Viewsta - fast and high-quality YouTube views/subs | Telegram channel boosts | TrustPilot reviews | Kick subs and viewers | - your sure step to increase social media engagement. We offer: Affordable prices GEO-targeted views Referral Program API Integration (it's possible to make a lot of orders) Fast support Services that we provide: YouTube Views: 500-5.000.000 - 0,7-7000 USD YouTube...
  9. Viewsta


    Hey there! We're giving free products to get Marketplace Verification, feel free to participate so maybe moders will choose you :) Services that we provide: YouTube Views: 500 YouTube Subscribers (Real) 5 Kick liveviewers 1000 Telegram channel boost (30 day): 1 Trustpilot custom reviews...
  10. seojen

    How do you People get Views on a New Channel?

    I would love you guys share how you get those views for new channels. I have been posting for the last 2 weeks but till now,most of my videos have 1 view and only a couple of them got 5 views.
  11. Huziplex

    Youtube channel got demonetized due to reused content and CHANNEL IS DEAD since

    Need guidance My channel got demonetized and appeal rejected. I deleted all those videos and shorts and want to reapply but my watch time is not increasing as CHANNEL has GONE DEAD since. Youtube has SANDBOXED my videos and i am only getting 100 views a day. Should i buy watch time on this...
  12. Kiemash

    Bot youtube views with phone ?

    Hello BHW, Lets say i would have 1Phone ,LTE proxie and 50 Youtube accounts, could bot views myself ? Like i login into an youtube account, search in youtube for my video by keyword, watch it full (sometimes like) after this logout, delete all history and cookies from browser. refresh the...
  13. R

    Need high retention Views to buy

    Need some website to buy high retention views, can somebody help me or if you have some other method to get high ranking for youtube videos on specific keyword?
  14. R

    I need youtube keyword views

    Can somebody send me website where I can buy good keyword ranking youtube views?
  15. Yachtlifebro

    New (Kind Of)

    I used to be a member of this forum as a child, and it's actually the reason I'm now in digital marketing and software development. Back then, I earned money by boosting YouTube views with email affiliates and attaching cookies to **** affiliates, among other things. Now, almost 20 years later...
  16. EunRuby | High Quality SMM Service | YouTube View | 4000H Watchtime View

    Pursue stable service! We update our service in response to social media services that are updated daily Are you tired of malfunctioning, low-quality services? Then try the service we offer! YouTube View YouTube Views | 1K/Day | 1.79$/1000 YouTube Social Views | 2M/Day | 1.30$/1000 YouTube...
  17. Evokerip

    ⭐Promobox | Services from Direct Provider | ✅YouTube | ✅Reddit | ✅VK | ✅Google Play (ASO) App Installs

    SMM services for social media and messengers. Promotion on the Play Market & App Store. Boost registrations and reviews on websites. Hello BlackHatWorld Family! Our in-house Services Youtube Real Views Lifetime Guaranteed (from $0.0007/pcs): RAV (speed 500-1000\daily) RAV (speed...
  18. th3darkknight - SMM Panel Quality Services YouTube Instagram

    Introducing our new Social Media Marketing Panel: Since we like direct to the point approach, we'll be skipping the regular trend of designer threads. Services: === YouTube === YouTube views starting at $1 YouTube likes starting at $1.3 YouTube HQ real comments starting at $12...
  19. AdaEllington

    [One Free Review Copy] YouTube Views Service From External Advertisements

    Hello Guys! Giving away one Free test to someone! This Service is a upcoming Thread in case you liked it you can be our customer right away. Cheers,
  20. M

    Any smm panel that delivers YouTube views instantly?

    Seems all the smm panel these days are wasting lots of time when order is placed. So any different panel here?
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