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Yet another boreing IM Journey ;-)

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by mj10pop, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. mj10pop

    mj10pop Registered Member

    Mar 25, 2008
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    I have been involved in IM for a long time but didn't do something big with it so i decided to do something new and exciting and earn money from it. So you are welcome to join me and also help me. Looking forward to hear from you.

    1 Create a website
    2 Sell website (On flippa) or use some kind of advertisement to earn money from it .

    What i have done . (Domain, Website and Hosting)

    1 taken 7 domains from different market each cost around 10 $ with whois privacy (i take a great deal of time to finding a good domain .com only)
    2 got hosting 10$ business hosting which is offered here in blackhatworld.
    3 Installed WordPress on each one click install
    4 Installed theme which i taken from theme--forest (Theme is the top selling on theme--forest ) (60 $)
    5 Taken different plugin and installed them cost around (600$)
    6 Currently configuring plugins (believe me that's the hard part to do)

    What i have done . (Content)

    If i want to earn from website i need a fresh and quality content
    1 Find the trending topic and make a post of it. for that i will use buzzsumo or other to find the topic make a post related to my site (for now but may change it in future as it cost a lot finding alternative) As it is on trial so no cost
    2 Doing a research on content to make it new
    3 Due to my experience in past with content i think i can make a good content
    4 Rewrite few article with scrap content from different sources
    5 Adding pictures to post and videos
    6 I was thinking to making a video for some post to. (currently in process)

    What i have done . (SEO)
    Onpage seo
    I am thinking of only doing social seo nothing more
    Buyed SERPwoo for test purpose
    i have the Traffic Travis pro version may come in handy
    I am thinking to automate the social posting (currently working on it)
    Taken aweber account for list building but configuring is a one of the difficult things i encountered so searching for some help
    Content locker Optional not using it for now

    Drawback (One thing that is holding me back)
    I needed spinner-chief ultimate for the project badly but i could not buy it as i don't have a paypal account
    wordai is expensive
    similarly cannot buy the Thebestspinner due to paypal
    so i am ended with contentprofessor or chimprewriter if they have another payment method

    Dam this is a hard work for one site. Do give your input in this so we can learn from each other experiences.

    I like doing new things so lets see what will happen.

    So here it is i will keep updating it. if i miss someting i will add that to.
  2. mj10pop

    mj10pop Registered Member

    Mar 25, 2008
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    Ok i have set up the site believe me its hell lot of work. This was a experimental site so next time it will be easy for me to configure new site

    What i have done till now (short update and to the point)

    1 Created website
    2 configured all the plugins
    3 added pictures
    4 added content
    5 all the small work has been taken care of
    6 automated the posting of content to all the social site
    7 added different sources to social network
    8 thinking of buying twiter and facebook followers it will cost 20 $ for 1000 followers each
    9 will be adding content to website
    10 newsletter problem is solved

    So that is it for now will update soon
  3. sergey007

    sergey007 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 13, 2014
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    And what about niches that you have chosen for your websites? Are they competitive or not? Anyway, good luck with your journey, mj10pop!