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    New trick to find keywords

    Hi all, I just found a easy way to discover new trending keywords pretty quickly. You can use those trending keywords in blog posts to increase traffic and hopefully adsense earnigs. This post will be helpful for bloggers who need fresh topics for writing. Here is a quick guide to find the...
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    Yet another boreing IM Journey ;-)

    I have been involved in IM for a long time but didn't do something big with it so i decided to do something new and exciting and earn money from it. So you are welcome to join me and also help me. Looking forward to hear from you. Target 1 Create a website 2 Sell website (On flippa) or...
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    Should I sell #1 trending domain name on Ebay?

    I have a domain name that will be the #1 trending topic on twitter and google in a few days. Several big companies could have interest in this domain name. Should I list this domain on Ebay for an auction to end on the day before this day or the day of this event? Any advice or help is much...
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    Anybody ever tried to start a trending topic?

    I am going to attempt to start a trending topic. Our team is already fairly large and I am buying accounts by the K's. We already have over 50 people around the country prepared to help us on the day of. If anybody has any feedback or advice on the best way to go about this or would have...
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