May 31, 2022
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I read a lot on the forum about IPV6 and IPV4 as proxies for Civil. From what I understand, medium / good quality shared proxies and a large number are enough.

The questions are as follows.

- How long does it take to unban a google IP?
- How many proxies per 100 Threads do you recommend (active 24 hours a day)
- Do you know a good and cheap supplier?

P.S. I know it will be difficult for you to share your proxy provider but it would be of great help! At least I hope so. Also, I think Rotating Proxies are sort of bullshit. It is always better to have the list with all the IPs and choose how to use them (for example new IP for every new request) rather than buying a "1 RoTaTiNg Ip" that every request .... I don't trust the service providers and I want see exactly their entire IP pool. If I pay for 1000 I want to see 1000 not 1 which then gives me 1000 possibilities: the facts are facts, what I see; words are air.

The other option would be, if the ban time is not high and redundant, purchasing a /24 IPV4 top quality or IPV6 but i dont know how many would i need. If those are dedicated for 100 Threads (active 24 hours a day) are 100 Enought? Else for example I have found 1000 Proxies IPV6 USA for 124,65 Eur/mo.

§ The other question is: how much GB is Xevil using approximately for each hcaptcha/captcha/... I mean, should i consider the RESIDENTIAL proxy OPTION with EUR X GB pricing or i will be paying 9999999999EUR/mo?

Thank you!
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