1. U

    Journey To GTFO The Internet (YOUTUBE AUTOMATION)

    Hi, new account but I've been watching and learning from here since months ago. BACKGROUND My best month in IM so far was on July last year with YT shorts channels that made me like $1,200 (not much I know). I had a Tate Channel That grew to 10k subs in 1.5 months and was getting 14M views...
  2. TheRevenueRevolution

    GSA Website Contact + Xevil 5 Proxy Error Status

    Hello, I am very new in GSA Website Contact so please excuse me if I make an odd mistake. :) I just installed GSA Website Contact about 4 days ago. I was able to setup a campaign, set my keywords, configure private proxies for Scraping + Submission, and scraped around 73,000 with around 8,000...
  3. fightsdntmatter

    Nsocks vs SocksEscort / to be used in conjunction with Genesium Browser 19.0 (with preinstalled Genesis Security 6.3)

    Alrighty im so brand new feet havent even began to moisten. SO, i recently discovered (while going through my current financial peril) the "log" sight that individuals/teams are pulling from these dumps. Me, with zero coding experience found it very cool to get into one of these (FA) Yahoos or...
  4. B

    Xevil Info?

    Hello, I read a lot on the forum about IPV6 and IPV4 as proxies for Civil. From what I understand, medium / good quality shared proxies and a large number are enough. The questions are as follows. - How long does it take to unban a google IP? - How many proxies per 100 Threads do you...
  5. Bakidaki

    Sticky residential proxies or rotating ones?

    With smartproxy residential proxies you get the option to choose: a) rotating proxies - every request -> new one b) sticky proxies - up to 30 minutes of using the same proxie before changing im using the "sticky proxies", because I think it makes it look more like a real user when your proxie...
  6. olo555

    Looking proxies for Xevil

    Hi im looking good and cheap proxies for xevil to resolve recaptchas :)
  7. E

    Chaturbate viewer bot

    Hi! I need up to 5000 viewers and the ability to choose how many viewers I want to send per model. The interface should contain a field to enter the model's room, the number of viewers I want to send to the room. You will also need to add them gradually. All registered user bots must have...
  8. T

    Chaturbate, Stripchat, Bongacams Viewers/Follower Bot

    Software: I need up to 2000 continuous registered user acount bots and the option to choose how many viewers I want to send to the specific model. The interface must contain the box to input the model's room, the amount of viewers I want to send to the room. Also it would need to add them...
  9. AmeliaLily

    Suggest Residential best vpn service

    Suggest Residential best vpn service
  10. mona€o

    Good proxy for spotify/Apple music Botting

    Hey guys im looking for a good and reliable and cheap proxy that i can use for spotify/apple music botting. Im mainly looking for a residential proxy as i heard they are the best for this kind of activity. Open to all options! //mona€o
  11. Tatu kh

    I Need Private 0% Fraud Score Proxies

    I need 0% fraud Score Proxies Private for US and UK. Is there any good IP provider that provides such services I check on
  12. A

    Which is the best ssh account provider to use it in Bitvise ?

    I need a private ssh account with low risk score to use it in Bitvise , for that i need a website to buy it.
  13. D

    Clean/ shared residential proxies for google/ fb threshold methods?

    As the title suggest do we need an exclusive residential proxy for google account or shared ones work? Also can someone suggest sites that provide cheap residential proxies.
  14. See you vader

    Is it okay to change your VPN ?

    I use ExpressVPN to connect to my Payal UK (from UK) in another country. Is it okay to use say NordVPN to connect to my Payal UK the same way with no issues ?
  15. R

    Instagram blocked action on all of my accounts used on different proxies

    Hi, I bought 10 different proxies to create 10 different accounts on IG. I tried to follow accounts manually from my chrome browser and 8 out of 10 accounts were blocked after I followed 20 users. Later on, I read that Instagram lets 20-35 follows per account if you use browser and up to 150 if...
  16. Raunakdope

    How to use HTTPS proxy on android phones

    I am looking for some app which I can use to do so. Basically I want to make a twitter account with a different IP, because my wifi IP address has been banned by twitter
  17. matthewoz101

    Best app/Easiest way to use proxies for Instagram

    I have a bunch of cheap moto e4 and e5s. They're kind of old. I wanted to put one or two Instagram accounts on each. My goal is to promote dating/hookup CPA offers. How do I use my proxies? Is there an app that's easy to use? And what's the easiest/cost effective way to phone verify? If you...
  18. S

    proxies of vpn for instegram accounts

    Hi please any idea about where i can get residential proxies(ips) or vpn to create instegram accounts ? i'm thinking to use vip72 , but i'm wondering if there is a better one
  19. H

    Hi, New to BHW and Need Help with Facebook Accounts and BM

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to be a part of the community! I am trying to warm up aged Facebook accounts, (8+ years) that I purchased online, to use business manager for advertising . I use a virtual machine and proxies, verified phone numbers, location matching and multiple pictures. Unfortunately...
  20. hideath

    Get Windows VPS [ 8GB RAM - 4 CPUs ] (40 Days) in exchange with 10 Days Rankerx

    So, I have got windows VPS for 2 months with 8GB RAM, 4 CPUs, 2Gbps internet connection. I can get neither Rankerx or SEO autopilot due to ban of PayPal in my country. I will use the VPS and proxies (1 month shared plan) for 20 days of Rankerx or SEO AP. So, if anyone wants to...