1. K

    Getting past captcha

    Hello im looking for a way to get past captcha. Im using python and 2captcha isnt working
  2. accseller

    Great (and funny) example how to NOT play by the rules of Chat-GPT

    I thought some of you might find this interesting and inspiring, just like I did. I noticed this screenshot during the weekend while scrolling through Telegram groups, user wanted to solve captcha with Chat-GPT: No surprise here - GPT does not want to solve captcha, what can we do? Easy...
  3. S


    Who can help me with this captcha How does this captcha call? Who can help with node.js code to solve it?
  4. L

    Scraping Linkedin despite the new captchas

    Looking to pay someone to show me how to scrape linkedin profiles despite the new captchas
  5. L

    Anyone have resources or advice for working with Death by Captcha with TikTok?

    Hey everyone, I'm taking my first dive into learning Python/Selenium with making a tiktok bot. Going really well so far! I've got the page opening and login happening. But you guessed it, I've run into the Captcha hurdle. I stumbled upon DBC as a good resource to solve the GeeTest. I've been...
  6. debster

    [GUIDE] Solving Google reCaptcha V2 in puppeteer

    Hey!, I wrote a simple JS function to solve captchas using services like 2captcha, death by captcha etc If you're using vanilla puppeteer there is already a library for this, this code if for people using puppeteer librarys without wrappers for captcha async function solveCaptcha(page, in_url...
  7. C

    Does anyone know how to solve Amazon WAF captchas

    I am writing a bot that needs to bypass Amazon WAF captchas. I am trying to use 2captcha and following the instructions here: However, 2captcha always just sends me the response "ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE", and their support has not been helpful in...
  8. nahaczyku

    I am looking for a plugin/solution for WP (text captcha)

    Hello, I am looking for a solution for a blog based on WordPress, preferably a free plugin. I'm talking about captcha text protection during registration. The most important thing is that it must be a definable field in the plugin or script options. e.g. Please enter "a word defined" If the...
  9. Fiducia

    How to use XEvil with Scrapebox?

    Has anyone managed to use XEvil for Captchas in the Scrapebox poster and if so, how?
  10. C

    Is xevil v6 worth buying?

    I'm using gsa ser and gsa cb. Is it worth buying the v6 ($120) extra after buying the xevil v5 for $49? I don't think there are many websites that use H captcha yet. please advice.
  11. Muhatrima

    Google Recaptcha Users Here ?

    I have set up Google recaptcha V2 Invisible on a site and although i have chosen "Easiest for users" Under security preferences but still this thing is loading up on every Refresh and on every browser that i am doing some tests on the site, even after completing the captcha dozen times, it just...
  12. mrBH000

    Xevil vs Gsa Captcha Breaker: Do you know?

    Which one do you recommend? I am confused, does xevil come with onetime payment deal like gsa catcha breaker?
  13. wpsokw

    [HELP] How can I simply solve this captcha with JavaScript?

    Hi all, I use browser automation studio to automate bulk account creations for a site. BAS offers 2captcha API built in, and it's great, but I feel like this is captcha is so simple to solve, that I'd like to code it and solve it for free essentially. The captcha is a simple mathematical...
  14. mo006

    Bypass Envato Elements CAPTCHA and get ACTUAL unlimited downloads.

    Envato promises you ‘unlimited downloads’ for a price of $30/month, your eyes sparkle with excitement as you think about all the ways you will make money by re-posting those items in various platforms, but as soon as you start downloading, you get slow CAPTCHAs and warning messages telling you...
  15. D

    Simplest CAPTCHA solver service to integrate into a SERP scraper - Deathbycaptcha, 2Captcha, Anti-Captcha, other?

    I found these articles listing CAPTCHA/ReCAPTCHA solving services: I was wondering if people can suggest which of these is easiest to use and integrate into a...
  16. Turbo B.

    Beware of CAPTCHATRONIX.COM scam

    So I bought this service for Recaptcha solving - as advertised on its website: It was a 100 threads plan. After testing I found it does not support Recaptcha at all, so asked for a refund on the same day: Was waiting for some time for support to respond - seems he ignores me. Later my...
  17. B

    Xevil Info?

    Hello, I read a lot on the forum about IPV6 and IPV4 as proxies for Civil. From what I understand, medium / good quality shared proxies and a large number are enough. The questions are as follows. - How long does it take to unban a google IP? - How many proxies per 100 Threads do you...
  18. DataLover

    Who hasn't heard of Anti-Captcha yet?

    Hello guys I've looked through some topics and noticed that you all need sometimes a tool for solving captchas, whether it's plain text captcha or recaptcha or even funcaptcha, whatever. While there are some decent solutions on the market, I was very surprised not seeing my friends mentioned...
  19. S

    Any efficiency solutions for hCAPTCHA?

    Any opensource solution suggestions for hCAPTCHA?
  20. L

    I need Help in facebook group Posting

    With 100 FB accounts, each account has 30 groups respectively, calculating only 1 ad per group and counting only 10,000 people per group on average. then exposure = 100 FB Facebook ✖ 30 group ads ✖ 10,000 people/group = 30 million people exposure, then, doing the worst case scenario, based on a...
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