1. D

    XEvil How to migrate from VPS to another

    Hi guys, I just migrate from one VPS to a stronger one because XEvil 6.0 consume a lot of resources. But when I'm trying to run XAuth it's said "Entered login is not found in the license owners list". I know that I have just 1 PC license but I'm not going to still use the old VPS. I has try to...
  2. J

    Does XEvil 5.0 support Windows 7 32bits?

    Hi. Does XEvil 5.0 support Windows 7 32bits? I got XEvil authorization failed. Already follow the steps from XEvil forum but still not working. Can anybody who uses XEvil with Windows 7 32bits help? Thanks.
  3. TheRevenueRevolution

    GSA Website Contact + Xevil 5 Proxy Error Status

    Hello, I am very new in GSA Website Contact so please excuse me if I make an odd mistake. :) I just installed GSA Website Contact about 4 days ago. I was able to setup a campaign, set my keywords, configure private proxies for Scraping + Submission, and scraped around 73,000 with around 8,000...
  4. Webzilla

    recommended ipv6 proxies for xevil ?

    Hi, I am working with reproxy.network. for a few months with no complains. In the past few days I get PROXY ERROR on the majority of the calls. they claim they have DDoS, and apperantly they couldn't solve it till now. What other service you recommend? Thanks
  5. D

    Can I solve Funcaptcha using Xevil?

    Question is in the title.
  6. Fiducia

    How to use XEvil with Scrapebox?

    Has anyone managed to use XEvil for Captchas in the Scrapebox poster and if so, how?
  7. C

    Is xevil v6 worth buying?

    I'm using gsa ser and gsa cb. Is it worth buying the v6 ($120) extra after buying the xevil v5 for $49? I don't think there are many websites that use H captcha yet. please advice.
  8. K

    Proper usage of xevil , Rankerx , and Gsa

    1. Which proxy providers are good for each service? Also, how many proxies do you need? 2. Is there someone with experience to help set up each service? I need someone who can tell me in detail. 3. I checked several threads of Black Hat, but I feel like I can't organize it. I'd appreciate...
  9. sladki03

    Can purchase Xevil only?

    I heard that Xevil need to purchase with Xrumer together, but in the website it shows can buy Xevil only, is it true?
  10. mrBH000

    Xevil vs Gsa Captcha Breaker: Do you know?

    Which one do you recommend? I am confused, does xevil come with onetime payment deal like gsa catcha breaker?
  11. B

    Xevil Info?

    Hello, I read a lot on the forum about IPV6 and IPV4 as proxies for Civil. From what I understand, medium / good quality shared proxies and a large number are enough. The questions are as follows. - How long does it take to unban a google IP? - How many proxies per 100 Threads do you...
  12. netfiretec

    DataFastProxies.com | Definitive Solution in IPv6 Proxy | IPv6 Proxy for XEvil + XRumer | IPv6 Proxy to Solve Google reCAPTCHA!

    PROXY IPV6 WEEKLY PLAN PROXY IPV6 DAILY PLAN GEOGRAPHICALLY LOCATED IPV6 PROXY WHAT CAN I ACCESS WITH PROXY IPv6? You can access with IPv6 Proxy, any Site that has IPv6 connectivity. DO I NEED IPv6 CONNECTIVITY TO USE IPv6 PROXIES? The Proxies Server is an IPv4 server (End point)...
  13. olo555

    Looking proxies for Xevil

    Hi im looking good and cheap proxies for xevil to resolve recaptchas :)
  14. Bigcookies

    Scrape Box XRumer

    I bought scrape box and Xrumer a long time ago and I haven't used either of them does anyone still use them (I know this is the white hat section and xrumer is black hat but as we all know xrumer comes with xevil) and if so how? I heard that the blog posting function on Scrapebox was bad and you...
  15. H

    Config XEvil with text captcha case sensitive

    Hello everybody, Anyone know config XEvil make text captcha result is case sensitive, I don't see anything for this
  16. KJREDDY247@

    Anyone bought XEVIL??? I am Confused - XRUMMER + XEVIL Subscription Pricing details...

    I need xevil but all i can see the below pricing option So, it will be a single option like XRumer + XEvil + Hrefer + SocPlugin = 400$ for 5 installs + 10$ in addition every month is that 10$ mandatory on every month or only for the months that we want to use them? i mean can we stop using...
  17. ieJoo

    Xevil for GSA SER Worth ?GSA SER captcha costs?

    What's your point of view buying Xevil purposely only for gsa ser. I am a big fan of GSA search engine ranker and currently, i am using GSA captcha breaker. For hard captcha i use 2captcha which is insanely pricey for me. T1 Blast With GSA ( chosen engines -high pa/da urls - contextual...
  18. Brilliant Digital Services

    Any one using Capmonster?

    Any one using Capmonster? How is it in comparison to captcha breaker and xevil And what other services you find good for captcha solving.
  19. spyderman4g63

    How do I configure RankerX + xEvil

    I can't figure out how to add Xevil as my captcha tool. I tried using the "remote OCR server" and just adding "localhost:80" with no key and I still get captcha pop-ups. Can anyone tell me how to set this up? edit: "get balance" seems to work and I see the xevil log showing the request but...
  20. Bigcookies

    Landing pages

    I’m still new too all of this and I’m using landing pages to learn how to use xrumer before I start using it on websites I have xrumer and scrape box and I vaguely know how they work together but I feel like I may need a lot more so I guess I’m just asking what else do I need?