Why doesn't Sub/Unsub work?

Feb 16, 2018
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I'm a newbie to the whole social media growth thing, but what I've noticed is that on a platform like Instagram, a solid method of growth (atleast in the beginning) used by many is the Follow/Unfollow method. It actually seems to work, as many people can build a good foundation off of that method (10k+ followers).

I was wondering why that same tactic doesn't work for YouTube. I know about Sub4Sub, but that's different because you are essentially getting someone to Sub to you because you Sub to them. But in a Sub/Unsub format, all you are doing is subbing to people and grabbing their attention, and if they like your content they can sub to you, if not then they won't sub to you. And you just unsub after a while regardless. Why don't people run bots for this?

Thanks in advance
Because watching someone's video requires much more attention span than just scrolling through some pictures.
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