1. T

    A Big Twist on sub4sub

    So what I’ve been trying recently is doing something ‘similar’ to sub4sub, but also very different from it. My experiment is visiting people's Channels of similar genres and subscribing to them whilst leaving them a comment and informing them that I subscribed (without mentioning the word to...
  2. P

    Why doesn't Sub/Unsub work?

    I'm a newbie to the whole social media growth thing, but what I've noticed is that on a platform like Instagram, a solid method of growth (atleast in the beginning) used by many is the Follow/Unfollow method. It actually seems to work, as many people can build a good foundation off of that...
  3. MajTechReview


    Hello guys, I got told that youtube knows who uses these exchanges. Currently I have 2k subscribers. And my goal is to eventually get to 100k, but will I get terminated when reviewed for verification badge when I hit 100k subs. Sorry for bad english btw.
  4. LiquidOCELOT

    help for subscriber 4 subscriber live stream

    can any body provide me a good guide help pls
  5. siddharthkk

    i want youtube channel with 7k-8k subscriber

    i want youtube channel with 7k-8k subscriber i can pay 10 dollar account should be in good standing.
  6. johandr

    Youtube Free Subscribers!

    hey guys! im currently launching a new youtube gaming community and it goes pretty well :D here is the thing, i have only like 1473 subs atm and i want to crank that up a bit :D if you sub me on my youtube channel, i will sub you back :D just post below on which channel you subbed me...
  7. D

    I will Subscribe to your Youtube Channel

    Post a link to your Youtube Channel and i will Subscribe to you and if you want you can Subscribe back My 2 Youtube Channels:
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