What method should I try?

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    I've been looking for a method for a long time.
    I dont want anything like Fiverr oR SEOcLERK because I can't trust it.
    I used to make 50$+- per day with AdSense, but it's impossible to do it for a long term, only for month or two.
    Can I make more than 20$ per day with PPD? or maybe CPA?
    If someone here can get me a method that he used to work with, and can help me to get to my goal, i'll appreciate it.

    btw, don't tell me to use the search button because I want someone to help me with the method :)
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    Have you tried the journeys section?
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    Sep 29, 2014
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    Now get busy..

    1 HaRRos Easy Money Methods
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    74 Zen19 - 40million in 10,000 Hours - Page 3
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    76 If you have $1,000-$2,000 --> here is how to turn that into $40,000+.
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    87 JFrase presents: (Method 1)-Over $7k per month on autopilot with Payday Offers.
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    89 [Method] How I make some money when I'm in need of quick cash! (requires effort)
    90 Jfrase presents: (Method 2) Make $150 per day with giving people work!
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    96 1 hour sending emails offering free websites = 320 dollars
    97 [New Method] New Year = New Opportunity. Social Media = $$$$ (Time To Bank)
    98 I'm board So I'll Help You - Ask Away Noobs
    99 Stupid Clickbank Method That Makes Big $$$
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    I would have given you rep but you didn't make it an even 100. :)
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    your 6 o'clock
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    Nice list Tobbe co.

    Don't rely on one website. Build 5 websites, and when one starts to go down, build a new one.

    Also, have you tried any of these?
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  6. Tobbe co

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    Haha I'm pretty sure it contained a hundred urls from the beginning just that I accidentally deleted one at some point.
    I saved it a long time back and just added the names to the links, so I don't remember who I should credit for compiling it. :)
  7. ro333

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    May 6, 2014
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    Yes I did but I can't find a reason to make them give me their method .. I wouldn't give my method to anyone. It's more competition to them you know what i'm saying?
    WOW man thank you.
    I'll watch them now and see what is the best for me :)
    If there's anyone else who can help me it will be great.
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    Tobbe co
    Impressive! I've been searching a keyword [method] but seems that it doesn't appear all I need. Thanks for sharing this.
  9. zebrahat

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    [email protected]
    The number one method (the other 99 follow) is:

  10. TeKn1qu3z

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    Start off by reading the forums and finding something you're really passionate about
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    Miami, Fl
    Very helpful post, thanks!!
  12. vindicare1993

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    I'm almost done reading all Tobbe co post 1-99 , I skip some of it that I know I can't do easily and w/o investment. Now I need to find updated ones .
  13. Y M C M B

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    That list in this thread, made my day