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    Thought I'd share a few Tumblr extensions for the chrome browser, that are actually working since the update.

    share on tumblr.jpg

    "Share on Tumblr" - Allows you to post from a icon located in the top right corner of the chrome browser. Simply click and a dialog box opens and allows you to post from any webpage to your tumblr blog. It allows you to post in all formats, text, photo, video etc. You can post to all your blogs located on a single account. You can change the source, create custom links, add tags and date the post. You can publish now, to queue, as private or save as draft. You can also use html.

    It's a well rounded extension that allows you to blog on your tumblr from any website. I use it for imagetwist for example and when I am creating back links to my website from my tumblog.

    archive tumblr poster.jpg

    "Tumblr Archive Poster" - Is just that, you go to any tumblr blogs archive and you can select multiple posts at once and reblog them instantly. Although I do not recommend this, if you value your account. It just does it way to fast. It also allows you to like posts, but again this is instant (not humanly possible if you do hundreds) keep that in mind when using. Their really isn't to many features, you can erase the caption. It doesn't have any option to tag or change the source or add your links etc. It allows to post to multiple blogs located within a single account.

    But it is handy tool, you can go to any archive (your competition) and select only the posts that have many reblogs and queue them or save them as draft posts, all at once without having to open each page. I personally only queue and like posts with this extension, so that I can tag and add my links to the posts etc. etc...

    Again if you use this to reblog it is instant, I noticed no time gap; between posts and it does not take you to each reblog page when reblogging. Same with likes, it's instant. Left clicking on a post selects it, you can select as many posts as you want. Right clicking allows you to reblog, queue, view or like the posts, all at once. It does keep track of how many posts you've selected, but it's located at the top. Keep in mind tumblr sets limits and you want to look like a human and not a piece of software or you could be banned. Use common sense!

    Both these Extensions can be downloaded from the Chrome Webstore for Free.
    Search: "Tumblr Archive Poster" it's version 1.29 and "Share on Tumblr" it's version 1.0.4

    Extensions tested and working as of 3/6/13
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    Oh hey! It's my extension! Glad you like it!

    You can also queue posts and have the posts be posted at an interval (I like 50 posts over 2 hours so I gain the most followers)