1. Kierkegaard

    SAAS Project - My journey to create a scrapping web extension that fits all your needs

    Hello everyone ! If I am publishing this message today it is because I am starting a new adventure. In fact, I have been looking for a long time to set up a new SAAS project. I, french developer, am used to task automation robots, particularly in Python (Instagram robot, Facebook, Marketplace...
  2. PDonline

    SMM panel to increase installations for Chrome extension

    Hi everyone, do you know any SMM panel to increase downloads for Chrome extension? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or experiences you have had with increasing installations of Chrome extension. Thank you in advance!
  3. tattooedbuddha

    Two useful AI browser extensions to save your time.

    I'm not affiliated with either of these. Just thought I'd share them with you. Merlin - A ChatGPT browser extension that lets you bring chatgpt into any website you visit. Keep in mind that it is using ChatGPT so whenever there is too much traffic you might have to wait to get an answer...
  4. A

    want to buy installs for a chrome extension

    i have a chrome extension and for that i need more installs i want this work fast and will pay good for it\
  5. H

    I need help with SessionBox Chrome extension..

    I am not sure if this is the right section to ask for this kind of support but this is the closest I could find, please forgive me because I am new-ish here.. Recently I have attempted to use SessionBox chrome extension (for cookie isolation) and I signedup, but then upon logging in it...
  6. noellarkin

    [HAF] Porting Firefox WebExtensions to XUL/UXP Format

    I've been using DeathByCaptcha API alongside Firefox with the plugin https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/recaptcha-solver/ - - however, I recently shifted to Pale Moon, and am having trouble with this plugin since it has been written using WebExtensions API. I'm looking for a...
  7. Josh Saga

    Recommended SEO Chrome Extensions?

    Hello, Here to ask for your recommended Chrome Extensions that would be of help with SEO. Thanks, Josh
  8. niffum

    How to rank on the Chrome Web Store?

    Hello Black Hat World! Newbie here. I want to rank #1 / #2 on the Chrome Web Store quickly. How can I do it? Is it a SEO grind & waiting for 5-6 months? Or is it getting downloads / ratings? Any black hat tricks? Thanks
  9. crossline

    free extension for scraping your competitors pages that sucking like someone do the Bl** ***

    this tool totaly free, SEO META in 1 CLICK for expl i want to know what headers that this site using, all metas, images, links, that make this site rank 1 on keyword "pbn link" searchengineland.com/private-blog-networks-great-way-get-site-penalized-286489
  10. AussieDollar

    Found something cool

    Was reading a designing article and at the bottom of it was this extension ad. My eye usually dodges ads without thinking, but this one got my eye for some reason. Not only does the ad look cool the idea is cool as well. It has 7000 users and was released yesterday. I'm not affiliated with...
  11. M

    Extensions / search request monetization

    Hello i own some chrome extension with few thousands of users. i see many websites propose to monetize search requests by redirecting on bing. (very often through some "transparent" redirection on trovi) I m already using this technic with a parter but: i would like to implement myself this...
  12. Kairos Vardoger

    I need a good PPC for in my Chrome Extension

    Hello everybody, how are you doing? :D I have a Google Chrome Extension built for me that will add great value to anybody in the affiliate business! I am planning to run one or more ads on the free downloadable extension with a Pay Per Click or maybe even a Pay Per View system. Is there anyone...
  13. 247VCC

    LastPass deleted its Chrome extension by mistake, will be back soon

    LastPass is my password manager of choice, and recently, the company caused some confusion by accidentally deleting its Chrome extension. Rest assured, though, the extension should be restored any time now.
  14. X

    Pinterest Extension

    Hello , this day i get a horrible problem in all my account when i click save image to profile with extension take me around 40-60 seconds to save either before just 3s and done i clear cache of browser , i create a new account, remove and reinstall the extension and still very slow and...
  15. enovator

    Fastest VPN extension for chrome browser?

    Hi, If security and other advance features be ignored, which is the fastest vpn for chrome browser, for general Internet surfing ? I am currently using SetupVpn chrome extension not sure if it is the fastest though
  16. 141244

    How to gain 500-650 daily twitter FollowBack followers via free chrome extension

    : mass follow for twitter → https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mass-follow-for-twitter/lfmanfkmmgfigbnjibfemdnnfjboficn requirement: account(s) > 40k followers , who are able to follow up to the daily limit from 1k you can expect an extra boost >650 @ the beginning -_- 500+ with...
  17. Meyerlansky81

    Can someone please help me with the name of this specific chrome extensions

    I reformatted my OS and i forgot to save the some of the extensions i was using for a couple of years, can someone just please tell me if you ever seen this extension or know what the name of it is i would greatly appreciate it.
  18. Lilyana

    SEO-related browser extensions

    What are some browser extensions that are helpful with SEO? I've only started using MozBar and I'm looking for some other useful ones that make analysis easier.
  19. Engineero

    Cpa Network

    Hello Iam Looking for a Cpa Network or affiliate Program that shows ads like This a small things Like adding extensions to Browser i already use propeller ads but i need to work in other Cpa network with it .. and Please give me one that is not hard to Be accepted in it ! :D .. Thanks :)
  20. Chdead

    Is there an app to get daily views from a youtube video?

    Hello guys I wonder if there is an app or chrome extension with a chart of daily views for a specific video on youtube (not my videos)? Thank you
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