May 28, 2020
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Hello everybody, how are you doing? :D

I have a Google Chrome Extension built for me that will add great value to anybody in the affiliate business!
I am planning to run one or more ads on the free downloadable extension with a Pay Per Click or maybe even a Pay Per View system.

Is there anyone with experience on how to do this, and what affiliate program/company is best to use for this?
There could be something as the free download (with ads), and a one time payment of $0.99.

Oh, and how can I get it on the Google Marketplace? Or should I choose a different way?

Any advice is welcome!

PS: I'm not an expert in coding and html and stuff...please go easy on me. :oops:

Thanks in advance,

Kairos Vardoger :alien:
how did you build a chrome extension if you are not an expert in coding and html and js ?
if it was building for u ,then why no one told u abt ppc ,strange.
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