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    Hi, Guys. Total newbie here.

    I will start by saying I'm quite pleased with the nature of this site, being that most of the comments I've read have been helpful and cordial, unlike many forums I've been to.

    But moving right along... I'm a musician (music producer, I sell beats through my website) and I originally came to this site by way of google, in search of an Instagram bot, but as I kept looking through the site, I kept reading how people are somehow making money by having Social Media accounts with large counts of followers/fans.

    So I do a little Googling and come across a step-by-step tutorial on the subject of making $300/day using Facebook fan pages. I have
    • 5 Facebook accounts with nearly 5,000 followers each. (and 4 corresponding IG accounts with much less followers, still growing very slowly...i.e. 10-15 followers a day)
    • 1 Official Fan Page (1000+ likes/fans)
    • 1 Official Instagram (2300 followers)
    • 1 Twitter (1500 followers)
    • 1 Youtube (100+ subscribers)
    As for those 5 Facebook accounts, I've "invited" every single one of those nearly 20k people to my actual music fan page. From that, I've gained maybe 500 (Five Hundred) fans/page likes. This is discouraging because from the Tutorial/Article I read, I had the impression that this number would be much higher.

    So my question is, seeing that I've already invited everyone I can invite from these 5 facebook accounts, what can I do with them now? What options do I have so that they don't go completely to waste? Is there any other way to utilize these pages to generate income, or methods to direct them to my website?

    Another question also: How do you guys build up such huge followings with high engagement, and furthermore convert that engagement into cash? I'm sure I am missing something huge. Again, I am completely new to this.

    Any helpful insight is taken with great appreciation, mate! :)
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