Suggestions for Real Estate Niche?

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    Thanks for taking the time to read this and even a bigger thanks for those who reply.
    I recently discovered a keyword of a large suburb in my city that has 480 searches a month with LOW competition, the keyword is "(SUBURB) real estate". I was wondering whats the best way to take advantage of a good keyword like this to make some good money. I was thinking of creating a directory type website where I would list all the houses for sale in that suburb and offer home owners a Home page spot for their property? Or maybe some sort of deal with some Real Estate agents? Any suggestions would be great. I don't know a lot about making money in the Real Estate Niche so I need some advice.
    Many Thanks!
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    Those are both pains to sell to from my experience. I have a similar site and I have about 40 pages of content about the real estate market in that particular area and also list the homes for sale in the area and just put adsense on it... a solid earner. You can get the listings from, Zillow, Craigslist, etc and change up the content a little to make it unique.

    I do not link to the sellers or the real estate agents representing the sellers, I just have ads on there and people click them as the ads are relevant to one buying a home.

    Ranking the site is not going to be overly easy, you'll need to do some work there but it can be a worthwhile venture once you get ranked.