real estate

  1. V

    My property leads - your sales

    My real estate leads from US. Keep in mind that leads can be from any state and I cannot predict or find leads from only a certain state in advance. I am only in contact with direct real estate agencies, I am not interested in cooperation with intermediaries.
  2. xxxisthis

    AI communities

    I dont know if its allowed to ask for other communities but I'm looking for something similar to bhw solely with the topic AI. I stopped one of my business and I have some spare time, I want to invest this time in learning about ai, in general but especially for the purpose of helping real...
  3. Software KingDev

    Various ReadyMade Laravel Software Instant Solutions, At Only $99,Betting, PTC, SMM, Charity, Casino Many More.

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  4. M

    Real Estate Improve engagement & organic following

    Hi do you have a hack for Real Estate to Improve engagement & organic following tips ideas or advice? Please? Content making? There used to be an app called Instagress which was amazing. Now everything is over $35 a month and fake engagement.
  5. J

    Zillow Leads / Real Estate

    Got a call from someone offering to sell me real estate leads from prominent real estate websites like: Zillow, Redfin, Realtor com, Trulia, and others by putting cookies on their websites. Specifically, he has claimed to know which people have visited those websites and shown interest in...
  6. Jonathon Riley

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  7. Aureus

    Large Databases of Semrush Keywords in Various Niches! A Lot of Keywords with Traffic and No Competition! Volume, KD, CPC

    What is the best way to use these databases? For example, you can make simple websites and earn money on Google Adsense, Amazon,, Viglink, Dating affiliates,,, etc. Semrush Keyword Difficulty Very easy, 0-14% - Your chance to start ranking new pages Easy, 15-29% -...
  8. M

    WTB - Real Estate Leads From Middle East

    Want to but real estate leads for countries in the Middle East (UAE, KSA, Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait, etc...) Want phone number verified leads, along with first name and last name. Also, the leads should be for people interested in real estate buying or people from upper social class with a high...
  9. CreativeDaddy

    Real Estate Joint Venture - My Infrastructure & Your Client Anquisition for REAL Passive Income (Big Boys Only)

    Greetings everyone, As some of you already know, I've been a member of this forum for quite some time already and I believe it's time to share success with my IM fellows. About me and my offer I'm 29 year old guy who have spent the last 8 years building a Real Estate Company in South Europe...
  10. D

    Best off-page SEO for Real Estate website.

    If you have any idea please suggest. One of my website name as Maulshree Heights have not ranked on main keywords. Any special tactics you want to share with me. BTW i just joined the BHW forum and it is amazing to see how everyone is helping each others.
  11. J

    Realtors Leads

    Looking for someone that can get me Leads of Real Estate Agents in the US/UK Including Name, Email, Website (if available), and State. Either for % as Affiliate or fair Rate.
  12. baberkhatri

    free backlinks??

    i have an real estate website, if anyone willing to avail free backlink from real estate website, pm me or skype baber.khatri1
  13. IamNRE

    Recommend a CPA company that specializes in Real Estate

    Recommend me a CPA company that specializes in Real Estate lead gen. I used to work with a small UK one, but I totally forgot its name, maybe you can recommend me another small CPA company that is a beast at generating Real Estate Leads.
  14. zionbar

    Any real estate investors in the house? or aspiring investors?

    Curious to see how many of you are currently investing in RE or planning to invest in real estate... Feel free to share as much as you want I currently own a couple of rental properties and am planning to buy more next year when prices drop, RE in my area is EXTREMELY expensive unfortunately...
  15. korosho

    Project Idea : Local Real Estate website with 500$

    Hello i don't know if its the right section but i'm looking to start local real estate, the country i'm living in right now is very small (less than 500k )... Top keyword in my country is near 60 Difficultes. Small volume but it's a very small country and not many people know about it yet. My...
  16. Leurop

    Real Estate Advice - Renting

    Hi everyone. I will keep this short. Basically last year I got alot of money from NFTs (no, im not a scammer, I just grinded whitelists) and Im thinking about investing most of it in real estate. My plan is to buy a new apartment to rent in a major touristic city(Lisbon). I plan to live on the...
  17. light and bolts

    Rank and rent: restoration niche

    hello, anybody has experience doing rank and rent in the building restoration niche? (let's say someone wants to make their kitchen new -> they would hire a restoration company) Anybody has experience with in this niche?
  18. T

    Real Estate Marketing Agency - HELP!

    Hi This forum is full of brilliant people from what I've read so far, So I hope you will help me :) I'm trying to get my 1st real estate agent to work with I wanna help them get seller and buyer leads using Facebook Ads. How do you suggest I find this 1 single client in order to create a case...
  19. Geth_Prime

    Looking for offers for B2B emails

    Hello, I'm looking for affiliate program that allows me to market to my b2b audience. I'm looking specifically for these: insurance offers (prefer: insurance buyers leads, insurance software etc) real estate offers (prefer: same as above) restaurants offers (prefer: coupon offers, etc) I...
  20. L

    Looking for Off Page SEO help - Real Estate Outfit w/ 20+ sites

    I need off page SEO help for a few dozen Hyper Local real estate niche websites I have. - Not in a rush, I know to do it properly it takes time - On page we're good, IDX is unframed, blog posts, etc. - Already have GMB listings optimized for each - Most of them rank in the top 20 already for...
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