real estate

  1. B

    free backlinks??

    i have an real estate website, if anyone willing to avail free backlink from real estate website, pm me or skype baber.khatri1
  2. IamNRE

    Recommend a CPA company that specializes in Real Estate

    Recommend me a CPA company that specializes in Real Estate lead gen. I used to work with a small UK one, but I totally forgot its name, maybe you can recommend me another small CPA company that is a beast at generating Real Estate Leads.
  3. zionbar

    Any real estate investors in the house? or aspiring investors?

    Curious to see how many of you are currently investing in RE or planning to invest in real estate... Feel free to share as much as you want I currently own a couple of rental properties and am planning to buy more next year when prices drop, RE in my area is EXTREMELY expensive unfortunately...
  4. korosho

    Project Idea : Local Real Estate website with 500$

    Hello i don't know if its the right section but i'm looking to start local real estate, the country i'm living in right now is very small (less than 500k )... Top keyword in my country is near 60 Difficultes. Small volume but it's a very small country and not many people know about it yet. My...
  5. Leurop

    Real Estate Advice - Renting

    Hi everyone. I will keep this short. Basically last year I got alot of money from NFTs (no, im not a scammer, I just grinded whitelists) and Im thinking about investing most of it in real estate. My plan is to buy a new apartment to rent in a major touristic city(Lisbon). I plan to live on the...
  6. light and bolts

    Rank and rent: restoration niche

    hello, anybody has experience doing rank and rent in the building restoration niche? (let's say someone wants to make their kitchen new -> they would hire a restoration company) Anybody has experience with in this niche?
  7. T

    Real Estate Marketing Agency - HELP!

    Hi This forum is full of brilliant people from what I've read so far, So I hope you will help me :) I'm trying to get my 1st real estate agent to work with I wanna help them get seller and buyer leads using Facebook Ads. How do you suggest I find this 1 single client in order to create a case...
  8. Geth_Prime

    Looking for offers for B2B emails

    Hello, I'm looking for affiliate program that allows me to market to my b2b audience. I'm looking specifically for these: insurance offers (prefer: insurance buyers leads, insurance software etc) real estate offers (prefer: same as above) restaurants offers (prefer: coupon offers, etc) I...
  9. L

    Looking for Off Page SEO help - Real Estate Outfit w/ 20+ sites

    I need off page SEO help for a few dozen Hyper Local real estate niche websites I have. - Not in a rush, I know to do it properly it takes time - On page we're good, IDX is unframed, blog posts, etc. - Already have GMB listings optimized for each - Most of them rank in the top 20 already for...

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  11. R1ckS4nch3z

    I need passive income stream ideas

    Folks, let's talk about making income streaming passively. I have some ideas however due to my current money situation, I am not being able to jump start them. Hence, I am looking for other ideas that we can talk and recommend. I know there is not straight passive incomes, if someone ever says...
  12. V

    From nothing to 5k€ a month with real estate.

    Hello everyone, Today (I hope) will be a big day for me, after 2 years of doing nothing I finally decided to get back to work. I'm a 30 year old developper, I started my company in 2009 when I was 19yo as a web developer and for 10 years I worked on web & mobile development. In 2020 I got...
  13. lovepreet

    Looking For Canadian Real Estate Contextual Backlinks

    Hello guys. I'm looking for authentic real estate backlinks. PM for details
  14. F

    Looking for MLS realtor data

    I'm looking for someone to pull bulk MLS data for realtors for a specific geographic region. The information is housed in the MLS but I want agent productivity reports I can then determine to whom to spend marketing time on. In essence a spreadsheet of all the agents for a specific area...
  15. Big Ron

    [JOURNEY] Becoming a Real Estate Agent (Realtor) from Scratch to Earn Six-Figure Income in One Year

    Hello World! I've been thinking about doing a Journey thread on my newest challenge: selling real estate. I am native to healthcare (30+ years) and have an on-going Journey thread here which chronicles blogging for income based on niche selection. I enjoy writing which is partly why I enjoy...
  16. FlyhiNsky

    My Journey to $100k per month

    For several years I've tried many different affiliate programs, MLM programs, and anything else that could earn decent money. I found that many of these items were not for me. I have two niches in life... 1. Real Estate 2. Finance/Investing I've purchased and renovated property in my local...
  17. PLennart

    Which Real Estate Wordpress Plugin should I choose?

    Hey everyone, I got a quick question. So I need to build a website with dive (Wordpress) for a real estate agency and they have a bunch of projects they want to list on that website. Now my problem is, there are a ton of RE Plugins, but it seems they are all really outdated. I would like to...
  18. W

    My Journey To My First 10 Sales

    About 3 years ago, I was a 28 year old guy living in the USA working in Corporate Finance, and I was realizing that I was unhappy and miserable, working long hours at all times of the day and night and spending all my free time playing Diablo 3 and League of Legends And despite earning decent...
  19. Frenzied

    Anyone ever watched Ben Mallah / Life For Sale?

    If you're into real estate, this is the guy to watch. His personality is one of a kind. He's hilarious, he earns a shit tonne of money, lives in a fuck off mansion, and has a great filmer/producer documenting his life. These are some of my personal favorites (though every episode is really...
  20. Rosca

    You! Yeah You! Do you have sports or music traffic? Make great money with this JV.

    I have two fantastic monetization opportunities for site owners, social media experts/page owners, or traffic wizards that can bring in REAL traffic in any of the following niches: Country Living/Country Music Sports (Any major sport) Rap Music Fashion Real Estate It’s a sensitive JV, so I’d...