help a brother

  1. N

    Need assistance in dealing with the impacts of March 2024 Update

    Hi Every one, Just like most people out there, I am dealing with the after effects of the March 2023, and MARCH 2024 Update. My Domain, which had traffic in thousands now is reduced to hundreds, and is dropping every single day. So I have decided to take a few steps on the domain. Please guide...
  2. E

    Trying to think something different or new on making money..Need advice

    I forgot to mention on my previous post that I am right now learning neural networks and learn the other machine learning algorithms in this last few months. As I mentioned on the last post I am planning to create bots and sell them. What about my Machine Learning skills? I honestly dont know...
  3. I

    I dropped out of school and started working

    Hi. I am 18 years old turning 19. I had a plan, all i needed was the money. I was so sure this wouldve worked, but it didnt. I dropped out of school because i didnt see any future with education, and i always wanted to do something big. Anyways i tried something else, and that didnt work...
  4. alphamaterx

    JV Edit

    To my earlier post. @Heiko - how do I / where do I tell you my edits? I don't just want to report it, I want to edit it. Where do I send you the Edits? DM? Regards
  5. alphamaterx

    I want to edit my JV posts. How do I do it?

    I've posted a JV proposal. After re-re-reading it, and comparing with other posts, I've came to realization its too stuffy. I need to edit it. How can I do that? Or delete it, to post a new one? Anyone please, suggestions.
  6. N

    Researched Human Written Content improved with AI! Is it Worth Publishing???

    Today, I am starting work on my first large project, and during my audit I have found a large number of errors related to the content. This includes: 1. Grammatical Issues 2. Structure Issues 3. Lack of Native tone. What I am planning to do is fix all these errors and improvise the content...
  7. I

    Feeling Lost and Uncertain About My Future, Need Some Guidance

    Hey everyone, How's it going? I'm writing this with a head full of questions, hoping to get some advice on what to do next. Right now, I feel like I'm stuck in this loop of doing nothing and stressing out about what comes next. I'm feeling a bit lost and uncertain about my future, and I could...
  8. A

    Looking for Job Sponsorship - Hear Me Up

    I'm looking for a middleman it could be an agency or an individual to help me secure a job offer in the UK (This is considered blackhat BUT NOT ILLEGAL). I know such agencies/people exist and I'm just lost. I've posted on Reddit but kept getting approached by scammers. I'm not sure where I can...
  9. V

    Planning on making my own tiktok SaaS bot solution based on iOS/iPhone appreverse engineering For automation purpose rebuilding all requests

    Considering the required speed, safety (closed source, not to be decompiled), stability, platform independence and scalability I would use C++. There are also many C/C++ libraries available for regular tasks like HTTP requests, cookies, The method i want use Is : direct HTTPS calls of the...
  10. D

    “Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by”

    I've been trying to run a cloaker on my page (Binomo cloaker) and I simply can't access the page, this error keeps appearing and I don't know what to do to solve it. Does anyone know how to help me? Is there anything I can do to resolve this and be able to run my page?
  11. Luxuriously

    Were I can get accounts netflix and resell?

    A lot of people sell accounts Netflix , spotify with a low price. I don't know were they get it . I want to become a seller netflix? I want trusted platform for selling accounts, or some methods for make it with low price? Please someone help me
  12. Roderik

    The best way to advertise CPA MARKETING!!!

    Hey, guys ! I want to ask you, more experienced people, for a tip. I started working with CPA MARKETING and I have a question. What is the most efficient way to publish my ads, ON FacebookADS or through ad networks. EX; Edsterra, popads or OGAds etc... . . . . .
  13. ekuin0x

    where to market my scraping services?

    Mods plz don't delete the thread, I'm not trying to promote anything here ,I'm just really curious about this subject. I've been scraping data from various sources online and recently did some LinkedIn scraping but I suck at marketing my offers, I can spend hundreds of hours writing code and...
  14. ekuin0x

    Planning on making my own twitter bot.

    I am currently working on a twitter bot using Selenium/Python and things are going great so far, The only question I have is : Do people automate the process of new accounts registration too or just do that manually? If the limit rate for tweeting is 2400 a day and I need a million tweet that...
  15. ekuin0x

    How to make 10$ a day as a programmer ?

    I want to start making money online after I learned programming and wrote some code, but I have no idea where to start and how to take advantage of my skills. I am thinking of building an Insta bot and using CPA to monetize it but is the money guaranteed?, I know good results take time to show...
  16. A

    Which language is best to learn, why and where to learn it from?

    Which language is the best to learn in 2023? I am thinking of becoming a software engineer, i know just a little bit of python and C++ from my previous years of school (know the basics just to understand what the codes) Times are a bit tough right now and i want to earn money from something i...
  17. G

    Help me find this website please

    I used to have a website, where there were a ton of things, you could pay to email, text, call blast people as well as do other various things, not even related to tech like address searches, xyz. I need to find the website because I had a balance on there. Can someone tell me? They accepted a...
  18. hectorsalamanca9

    Is there a way i can buy crypto with paypal without fees?

    I'm trying to buy crypto with PayPal, are there any methods to do this?
  19. RighteousMan

    How to create Email without a phone number?

    Hello, I am in a need to create dozens of emails for different social media like X, Insta, Reddit and so on. Most of them require the email. But in order to create email I need to have a phone number (i don't wanna share it) I know the services like Proton mail, Tutanota, Mailfence - but they...
  20. chifriwice

    Make money using marketing

    Hello all, I've wrote about my business a few times and have asked many questions on this forum related to my business and everytime i always get an answer which helps me boost my sales/products. (This website is like jesus but in a forum) Now, the main way i would promote my business has been...
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