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  1. yusufxdigital

    (HELP!) Adsense & Ezoic Rejection

    Hi, I'm running a website on word-press with pirated content like templates & tutorials. I provide basically downloadable links and they're neither hosted or uploaded by me or my team. I've been trying to apply for both google adsense & ezoic but unable to get approval for monetizing. My...
  2. Zablo

    A little help regarding my Gmail Account

    Well basically last week i installed a weird plugin or software (i kinda not remember) but my chrome and other browser just sign out me from every website. Well, i didn't mind that cause i was in the way of updating my windows and editing videos. So then i checked my instagram and saw very...
  3. B

    Page Not Getting Indexed by Google (Crawled, Not Indexed) - Help!

    Hi! Last week I wrote an article and submitted it for indexing through the GSC. Here's the page: It usually takes only a few hours before my pages are indexed, but this time it's been over a week. I've tried re-submitting it, but to no...
  4. Castle770

    Posting CPA offers on Facebook from multiple accounts

    Greetings, I have a good survey offer. I decided to spam as much as groups possible . I'll be satisfied as long as I get 20 people to do it . I have created multiple accounts . Does any senior here knows from where am I supposed to get 3-4 same photos of a average looking girl . I only find...
  5. Bigcookies

    How many posts do you guys usually have?

    Typically how many posts do you guys create before advertising a new site? or is it all just a matter of preference and strategy? does it matter at all? I also didn't know where to put this post
  6. Bigcookies

    woocommerce search bar

    how do you guys add search bars to your woocommerce shop pages? I tried installing fibosearch and using the shortcode but the search bar is only on the first page of products I want it to be on all the pages on my shop page does anyone know how id do this or if id need a different plugin
  7. Bigcookies

    Answer the public

    Does anyone just use keywords from answer the public? I did a little research on the search terms I got from them and I was surprised to see that most of the keywords they suggest are very low competition keywords and they meet the KGR requirements does anyone just make articles with the...
  8. Bigcookies

    Rank Math

    okay I got Rank math like everyone on the forum always says to and it just covered every page of my site with errors and it won't even edit the alt text for my images has anyone else experienced this it says something like: warning: undefined array key "find"....alttext... warning: undefined...
  9. Bigcookies

    Does the KGR method Still work 2022?

    I'm getting a lot of mixed answers from the internet so what do you guys think does the KGR method still work in 2022? I see a few people on this forum still use it and others say it's useless is this another one of those things where it's like everyone has different opinions so you have to...
  10. Bigcookies

    Keyword research

    Okay, so I see that everyone Has these complicated and elaborate ways of doing keyword research and I just want to understand why? I've never actually successfully made a website before so my keyword research strategy consisted of using google keyword planner thinking of a few words in my niche...
  11. Bigcookies

    Send Help - Grammarly

    Where can I group guy Grammarly premium? I saw a few options available but I'm not sure which ones are reliable they don't have any reviews which kinda worries me. does anyone know any reliable sites?
  12. Bigcookies

    Group Buy article forge

    I recently made a thread in a different section of the forum about finding a reliable service to group buy article forge I am here once again asking the same question in a different section of the forum since then I did a little research and so far the best price I can find is $15 but there are...
  13. Bigcookies

    Shopify booklyn theme for wordpress

    What would be the equivalent of the Shopify Brooklyn theme on WordPress?
  14. Bigcookies

    Customizable theme

    Can anyone suggest a theme that is easy to customize I tried to use generate press but I had some trouble with customizing this header the (the logo was too small) I tried making it bigger but ended up making it disappear is there a theme that allows the same functionality as Shopify? I also...
  15. Bigcookies

    The Woocommerce Hunting

    None of my products are showing up on my product page does anyone know what may be causing this I'm using generate press and the oxygen page builder could it be because I'm using them both? I tried creating a new page and switching my products to the new page but they still aren't showing up is...
  16. Bigcookies

    Shopify to woocommerce

    How would I transfer all my products from Shopify to woocommerce I tried using this plugin it imported all the products and the images but it put the images in the media section instead of adding them to the products themselves there...
  17. Bigcookies

    CJDropshipping Product reviews

    Do you guys know how I would bulk import product reviews from CJDropshipping to woocommerce? They don't have a way for you to bulk import products from their site to woocommerce so I had to create a Shopify account and import them there then install a plugin to get them to my woocommerce store...
  18. Bigcookies

    Crypto mining software

    Do you guys know of any crypto mining software that will perform well on a MacBook I've been told that I need a desktop but I don't have one and almost certain that there is some software that will perform well on a MacBook I just don't know what it is
  19. Milagro

    Help!!! How can I make www1 of my domain and redirect all my index url to it

    Good day friends , please I need help I want to make www1 of my domain and redirect the main do and urls to it Example , my to than I want when people click my url that is already on google , it will bring them to my site with the new version of domain being...
  20. H

    I got an SSL Error

    Hi guys! This is my first post here so correct me if I've done anything wrong. My problem is that I recently made a Wordpress website and installed SSL using Cloudflare. The problem is I get this error: NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID Also WhynoPadlock results shows that I've Installed SSL...