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SEO CMS with customized features

Discussion in 'Programming' started by majky538, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. majky538

    majky538 Registered Member

    Mar 4, 2014
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    i keep an idea for some time to create CMS which will contain popular SEO features and i could manage multiple sites from that, generated content etc.

    Why ? For example, i run couple sites, core of CMS for articles was quite same, i coded some stuff multiple times, but each time there were some code enhancements anyway, some features was different, but at the end it took some "time".

    What i need ? Improve speed of management let's say 10-30 sites, centralized content management, do not write features twice or more.

    • - article management (+ different types of content, images, videos..)
    • - images management
    • - #users managements
    • - #subscriptions
    • - SEO management for content
    • - SEO tools:
      • - keyword tracking
      • - suggestions
    • - Social tools:
      • - facebook page poster
      • - #optional user/group poster
    • - Content scrape
      • - from reddit etc.
    • - Ad campaign management
    • - Statistics
    • - API for websites

    (# are optional)

    I used to write sites in PHP, fast development, using framework (worse fw ecosystem a bit is negative, different ways (packages) to write various components, services...). I think about .NET Core 2.1, i really like entity framework, ez to create API, language patterns... And i would use it on backend (API + managements), content websites would be on frontend (PHP, Angular).

    What do you think about this idea ? Is it worth of time for the future content website dev ? Any feature ideas ? Thanks
  2. Alanfort

    Alanfort Newbie

    Sep 28, 2010
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    Your best friend is Laravel. .NET Core have a good learning curve, im def. for Laravel in your case, it covers everything you mentioned.