1. R

    I need someone for Stress testing for my website

    Hi, I need some to stress test a website for me, If anyone can do it contact me please. Thanks
  2. Morrison71

    Connecting Two Websites

    I have a WooCommerce store, and a membership website, both on wordpress. I want to connect both websites. What I mean by connecting is that I want to automatically register customers on my membership website when they buy a membership from my woocommerce website's store. Both of the websites...
  3. kapacita

    Best way to make WEB for my Company (WP or Webflow)

    Hi guys, I have local company and I made wordpress website with builders, without coding a long time ago. I would like to make new web, but I am not sure how. I am deciding between Wordpress and Webflow. What do you think, what's the best platform to make website for local company (not eshop)...
  4. two2sec

    How do you look for customers?

    I'm constantly looking for clients and I can't figure out how to find high-paying web development projects Some cheap orders are constantly coming in, although it takes a lot of time Does anyone know the formula for a successful client ? I'm constantly looking for clients and I can't figure out...
  5. ixxion

    Is making web-related content (SEO, web design, etc.) worth it in the long run?

    I'm interested in programming, and I want to make a website that talks about programming and have things like web design tutorials, etc. But I want to do more than give away free content on my website. I also need to make money from my website by putting ads like AdSense on it. So, is it worth...
  6. O

    The Best Web Browser!?

    Oh Shit, here we go again. brave browser is the best browser, firefox is good & edge is ok. chrome...
  7. J

    Looking for a coder ASAP

    I came across this link locker a few days ago and I need someone who's able to replicate it but with my own stuff. I already got the domain ready Here is the source: view-source:https://megadropz.com/s?cE
  8. D

    Looking for anonymous dedicated offshore hosting ( need help and reccomendations)

    I need an anonymous dedicated offshore hosting that is reliable and has good overall features with these requirements with cpanel, PHP 7.1.3 or later MySQL 5.* or later Apache web server fopen enabled OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP...
  9. F

    I need help extracting videos from a website

    Guys, I have a study site, but I want to know how to extract clips from it. Do you have any idea that I have an account and everything you ask me for, tools, etc.
  10. F

    Friends, I have an inquiry about scraping videos from a study site, how?

    Guys, I have a computer and everything you want or ask of me, but I want a way to extract clips from the site, and I am waiting for your response to my post hotter than embers , Thank You .
  11. Iwanttowin


    Hi, I need a freelancer who can add hotlink protection code to my yetishare file download script. I also need him to setup SMTP & Create a page also on that script If you can do it please reply here or DM me Thanks
  12. A

    is worthy if i create website like amazon?

    hello im thinking to buy a web like amazon but i have some question: 1 - Can i have success if i sponsored it just 10k euro in all social media? 2 - Is good option to add for example if somebody needs to be seller im going to get them a % if they sell a product 3 - is good to add ads from...
  13. B

    Looking for SEO partner

    Hi There, I have recently started celebrity XXX site that i need for SEO Partner. If you have good knowledge In SEO and getting traffic from 1 and 2 tiers then feel free to PM me. We will split the profits 50/50, no bullshit. Looking for a real partnership here. So only contact me if you're...
  14. S

    Hello, I'm Newbie

    So Here's My Shortest Intro, I Don't Know Much About forums, Hope You Guys'll Give Support Like A Brother, And Yeah I'm Also A WordPress User
  15. Freedom$


    If you are really interested in getting a genuine Proxy provided that will deliver your desired result with guarantee, they are few of them out there. i have tried so many of than both dedicated and lot more, if you have some suggestion, dem me
  16. K

    How to get page 1 google

    guys, I want to ask this. So I have a website that is 2 month old and I really want to appear on a Google page with difficult keyword with 1/2 day, is it possible? For example, yes, I have an online gambling website, and I want to go straight to the keyword "online slot" either on page 1 or 10...
  17. A

    Journey To $5K/month in 12 Months from building websites

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone doing well. So lately I was reading lots of Journeys and I got inspired to start my own journey. I am making this because I think it will keep me focused and I can get great ideas from you guys and Can share personal knowlege. Basically I am currently buidling...
  18. RafaViQ

    [JV] My web dev skills & your clients

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to JV with who is good at marketing or knows where to get clients for web development services. We could do as far as 50/50 depending on your client's budget. My skills: HTML/CSS/JS ReactJS NodeJS MongoDB I do prefer to work with front-end only websites but...
  19. Promise Obi

    I need a Web Designer/Developer

    I need a Web Designer/Developer to work on a site to look exactly like the site I want. If you can do it send a DM
  20. Efn

    The cheapest way to a website

    Hi friends, I intend to start a small website, but I need to start very cheap really, without getting to something very poor quality. I have been making my site in XAMPP and then uploading it to the web, I read about Bluehost and I thought that I could contract the service for a monthly...
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