1. Snqke

    What is this CMS ?

    Hello guys, anyone know this cms name or where can i buy it ? or Thanks
  2. IkaroOnFyre

    Looking for Youtube content claim and monetize service.

    Hey! I need some help finding a Youtube MCN / CMS that can claim and monetize some content. I own two channels that got demonetized under reused policy. No issues or copyright claims as content is open for common use. Channel 1 with an average of 25k views per day Channel 2 does 45k views per...
  3. goku786

    [JV] Your CPM Method, My CMS Connected Channels with 100% payment Guarantee

    I am looking for a partner who can do CPM method on Youtube monetized channels (CMS channels) it needs to be undetectable and non drop revenue you will need to do CPM and send proper views as well. 4 people involved: CMS owner - 35% Withdrawal Granter - 15% (he manages CMS and without him 100%...
  4. dnzul

    IDEEA - Onlyfans like platform?

    Hello there, Recently, I got my hands on a custom-built saas platform similar to OnlyFans and I am seriously considering investing in its further development. However, given that there is already competition from well-established platforms like OnlyFans and Fansly, I am uncertain if it is worth...
  5. Asspatan

    How to make a adult gallery website with download option ?

    i want to make minimal gallery website with grid view and download button just like and . Does anyone what cms / script are they using ?
  6. i1983

    CMS for a static site, help me find

    Hello everyone, help me choose a free CMS for a static site. I know how to work with Wordpress and Drupal, but now there is a need to create hundreds of sites/blogs on a cheap VPS so that there is a small load. I know that there is Hugo, Pelican, but I would like to use something simpler, with...
  7. GTRZ

    What are your ideas regarding Ghost CMS? Is it Better than Wordpress?

    As title says, I am looking into migrating to Ghost CMS. Your UX and thoughts much appreciated. WP Vs GHOST CMS
  8. 4ry4n

    [Question] What CMS is used by a website that contains codes marked with "Chakra.ui"?

    Greetings BHW, I got to say I have no idea what CMS other than WordPress is used these days, which is very amateur of me. So I have to research a website which has a very short page source code which is only marked with "Chakra.ui" as much as I found out this all JavaScript codes. Can someone...
  9. metalfingersdoom

    Is building links on a single cms flagged (not wordpress)

    Hello people. I have access to lots of DotNetNuke(DNN) websites, a relatively old content management system which is used in about 1/500 websites using windows, built on ASP.NET. They are all high authority and I am able to get links from them as I wish. I am however worried that google may...
  10. John Michelson

    Are you using Joomla for blogging?

    If any of you are still using Joomla for your blogging or other projects, despite WordPress dominance in the CMS world? Is there a specific reason why you're choosing Joomla in general and especially?
  11. 4ry4n

    [Question] Have you ever changed the CMS on a ranking website? What happened to those rankings?

    Hello, Our e-commerce website is suffering from an outdated slow Content Management System. We want to change it for a faster one but retraining the same URLs. Will our ranking suffer from this change? If so for how long and how can I make it a smooth transition?
  12. aparato

    List Style Ranking Website

    Hello, Hope everybody is doing good. I hope this is the right forum. I'm trying to create a website that provides information of local sellers and having them listed the same way as in I have tried doing this with Wordpress but I feel that wordpress is not the optimal CMS to use (my...
  13. Machairodont

    Web designer needed for 100+ Pages

    Hey there, I'm looking for a Web designer (not a coder/programmer) who can provide exceptional good page designs. For my SaaS business, I need to have around 100+ new page templates in different categories for our webpage constructor/CMS system. What is needed? An understanding of Boostrap...
  14. B

    YouTube For Record Label (HELP!)

    Hey BHW Fam I’ve got a record label based in the UK (Registered as a limited company) and I have our content on different YouTube channels. I want to be able to distribute under our own name instead of C D B A B Y on YouTube is there a way I can get a CMS / Art Tracks etc? And tips at all?
  15. W

    What is the best self hosting email marketing software/script/cms ?

    I need a script/application in which I can host on my own server so that I don't need to pay 3rd party email marketing company. I have tested one before but the email goes to Gmail inbox. Few things are important. 1. Perfectly work with shared hosting SMTP 2. Email should not go to spam 3...
  16. hello_world:)

    how can i make money from my REDDIT accounts using CRYPTOMOONSHOTS !

    hi. so I have 4 high-quality Reddit accounts all 4 years old with 4k to 15k karma all hand grown. i use to work with a guy. I was posting for him every day on CRYPTOMOONSHOTS using my accounts but now he stopped doing this. anyway, where can I find clients to post for theme! i tried some...
  17. mindmaster

    [HIRE] CMS top 5 service

    If you can guarantee top 5 or top 10 on CMS, send me your rate.
  18. streama

    [Open-source CMS] Website for streaming Movies and TV Series

    Hi friends, there is a working instruction on how to make money streaming movies and TV shows. As you know, all video hosting services pay money for views. There are many ways to create a WordPress streaming site, but here's an alternative way. If everything is set up, then there will be almost...
  19. Bloodseeker

    Why is Flarum's development so slow? Should I choose it as a long-term forum CMS?

    I know their development relies on funding and donations. Flarum looks great, I truly find it much better looking than Discourse. Then why does it lacks backers? It's been 3-4 years since their launch and it still lacks tons of features. Will it keep growing? Slow development is fine but I...
  20. Bloodseeker

    Flarum vs. Discourse vs. Xenforo: Which one would you choose and why?

    I want to start a community, but I've many concerns. Flarum and Discourse are free and basically the obvious choice. Discourse requires a VPS, so I have to spend an extra $10 there. I am willing to spend this amount, but I am a complete noob at Linux server management. I can use DigitalOcean's...
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