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    Aug 20, 2011
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    Hello everyone.

    As the title says, I am beginning the process of to some degree reverse engineering google as best I can without breaking into their offices.

    I am looking for a few people who are successful to some extent with ranking that would be willing to partner up with me in my endeavor to try and pull some information from the famed big G.

    I -DO NOT WANT- people who have not tried anything and just think they have the answer to everything about google because they read all sorts of forums!
    Hopefully, if we can get a decent team with a strong background, we can weed out some of these google myths, and get some concrete evidence of what it is that google values, and how to juice up our rankings. I don't care what google did before, and I am not interested in how to recover from the google updates of the past.. the past is the past and now we have to look forward on how to compete and rank in the current scenario that we have in front of us.

    If you have some experience, and have managed to get ahead of the curve in google, I would really like to test out your methods and see if we can come up with some methods, especially ones I can automate.

    If this is you, do a post, send me a PM, whatever you choose but get in touch with me and maybe we can work together towards all of our common goal of figuring out where the weaknesses are in this system and exploiting it.

    Thanks for looking, and good luck.