reverse engineer

  1. SOWZA


    WE ARE SEARCHING FOR A TOP TIER DEVELOPER! we can give you an opportunity to work full time on projects such as: Social Media Bots: ex. Instagram story liker, follow unfollow, Reddit upvote farm, Twitter mother/child bot, Snapchat chatgpt integration, Dating app account creator. Organization...
  2. j3ffb3z0s

    Reverse engineering Reddit's mobile API

    So I want to reverse engineer the mobile API of the social media platform Reddit and I’m just wondering if you guys have any tips for me if there is anyone here with any kind of experience with doing something similar to this. I’ve been doing some tests and I feel like it’s going to be pretty...
  3. Sofiamartinez

    [REVIEW COPIES] Steal Your Competitor Backlinks + Get FREE 10 High DR Backlinks (Crowd + Citations + Etc)

    Hello We are currently looking for Service Reviewers for our BST: Hire Experienced SEO Experts || Content Writers || Ubot Coders || Web Designers - VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS Some of our SEO VAs are free so we will deliver you 10+ High DR Backlinks. Please note that there are only a limited number...
  4. iPhone-Emulator-ReverseEngineering-at-BHW.png


    iPhone emulator - iOS emulator - Upload by @ReverseEngineering - Working as of January 2024
  5. Sofiamartinez

    [REVIEW COPIES] Get FREE 10 High DR Backlinks (Crowd + Citations + Etc) + Steal Your Competitor Backlinks

    Greetings Everyone, We are currently in need of Service Reviewers for our BST: ██ Steal Your Competitor Backlinks ▶️100% FREE TRIAL◀️ High Powered Authority Monthly SEO Service ██ We will give you 10+ High DR Backlinks. Please note that there are only a limited number of review copies...
  6. Amazonreseller

    Notube io reverse engineering

    Hello, I would need someone able to reverse engineering a website and replicate backlinks, guest posts, overall seo strategy plus of course genuine ideas on how to reach such results. Thanks
  7. Sofiamartinez

    [REVIEW COPIES] Steal Your Competitor Backlinks + Get FREE 10 High DR Backlinks (Crowd + Citations + Etc)

    Greetings Everyone, We are currently looking for Service Reviewers for our BST: ██ Steal Your Competitor Backlinks ▶️100% FREE TRIAL◀️ High Powered Authority Monthly SEO Service ██ As a gesture of appreciation, we will provide you with 5 To 10+ High DR Backlinks. Please note that there are...
  8. dieuetlefer

    Need help for reverse engineering android sdk

    Hello i'm looking for some people able to reverse some sdk and anderstand how this app work. I'm talking about face recognition application so no for every body. you will need some experiences. Platform used is android. I will pay A LOT for whoever will help me I'm developper and made some...
  9. Benjam01

    Looking for Snapchat API reverse engineerer (full time job)

    Hello, a developer in adviced me to throw my job offer here. So let's go straight to the point: I would like to know if someone here is able to reverse engineer snapchat API request, to create a snapchat bot able to automatise everything in hundreds of accounts at same time. Main actions...
  10. bytebandit

    [50$] Reverse Engineering of an Android App

    I need an experienced reverse engineer with Android experience to reverse and send requests to the App API. The APP API is protected under a custom SSL certificate, that is why just debug the APP network requests won't work, the certificate is needed. Please PM me for more info ( Paying at least...
  11. gulpx

    Reverse engineers required, high pay teams are welcome long term project.

    Hi, I am looking for a reverse engineers with scripting and proxy experience proxies being the most difficult part due to the endless amount of tasks required a good example of this project would be bulk creating social media accounts and other platforms If you have a team you can work with...
  12. dieuetlefer

    Looking for associate in Reverse Engineering

    hello! I'm make Reverse Engineering but alone I'm too slow. I have a lot of idea, working on some projects (for the money sure) If you are in this domain and looking for association, send me a message on the forum or on telegram: ineeedp
  13. M

    $$$ Big Project - Snapchat Signing Reverse

    Hello fellas, I made a new account on BHW as I want to keep this highly low-key. Looking for some smart-ass dev to reverse Snapchat's API on IOS or Android. I will need most endpoints to be functional such as Dm, posting stories, add friends etc. Reversing requests is not that hard but the...
  14. D

    [WTH] Software developer, Reverse engineer, Mobile apps bots developer

    Hi, I'm looking for a person who's able to reverse engineer complex apps APIs such as latest versions of Tiktok or Snapchat and build multithreaded bots. I have a proper monthly budget ($$$$-$$$$$) for a right person. I prefer long term partnership rather than a quick buck here. Let's discuss...
  15. TwitchPro

    [GUIDE] Reverse engineering bot software

    I have seen so many bot tools that are all Windows based, written in .NET. Why do people write bots and not allow the user to automate them? This is the WHOLE reason most Smm Panels are not instantaneous. They rely on a user to input the order. It is primitive. My simple tip for any...
  16. K

    I need game unpack services.

    Hello. I have files made in C ++ and packed with a kind of encryption. I need someone to unpack these files and extract the content inside. These are game files that have been turned into binaries. Maybe it can be done in reverse engineering, cracking these files or something. I will pay well...
  17. iilogix

    Hiring - Need an experimented reverse engineer

    We are in need of a developer that knows how to reverse engineer and also that has has experience in it. We are talking about software on PC for a FPS game. The more work and hours you put into the game and the quicker you work the more money you will earn. The pay is very good. Please send me a...
  18. William Brust

    Looking for source code from an app, or an app written in Java or Kotlin

    How's it goin? I am interested in usable source code from an app downloaded here ( I am only really interested in the "Room Inspection" portion of the app. I would even be interested in a similar opensource alternative. I...
  19. C

    Reverse Engineers wanted! Long-term possibility

    Greetings, My team and I are looking for experienced Reverse Engineers looking for extra work. The task is to convert a singleplayer simulator to multiplayer. The problem is that we are creating a multiplayer modification as a team of fans, not the actual game creators. That being said, we do...
  20. Racksmile

    Anyway to Reverse Engineer this file no one can ;( PLEASE HELP !

    Its a Mod Menu for GTA V PC. A windows file You can't use X64DGB / Skylaa / Cheat Engine / IDA PRO / So you can inject it into the game fine. As they are all blacklisted .exe And shows up on their servers As soon as you get anything to try and hook or debug that .dll the game auto crashes...
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