1. Anticitizen1

    SERP Anomalies to Uncover secret google ranking factors

    Hi how you doing? So, except general ones (content, backlinks, technical) we know there are some secret factors which google doesnt tell us. So we need to develop "serach engine vision" to intuitively find out what are they. One way is to analyze SERP anomalies. Sometimes browsing top rankings...
  2. ozanthedeveloper

    My pages are not indexed even tho Search Console says they are

    6 days ago I moved my website to another hosting. There were some problems during the migration and my website was inaccessible for around 8 hours. After moving it and solving all of the problems, now all of my hits are on bottom, I was getting 50-60 hits per day but now it's around 0-1. When I...
  3. locobastard

    Lost all rankings

    I have a 4-month-old site that suddenly just lost all its rankings about 3 weeks ago. According to GSC, the site doesn't have any manual actions or security issues. I haven't made any changes to the site other than adding new posts, and I only add a new post every 3-4 weeks. It only has around...
  4. M

    Question about how twitter posts display on the search results

    I have noticed that when individual twitter posts get indexed on Google it differs between what text gets used for the title of the search result on Google for that post. For many twitter posts the title in the search result is the text of the twitter profile itself. But in others I notice the...
  5. Feloxy

    Is this a good impressions trajectory for my 5-month-old website?

    I created a new programmatic seo website 5 months ago in March and until recently my average impressions ranged from 15 to 20(on a good day) impressions daily. Recently(2 days ago), I started submitting some of my links through url inspection in search console and impressions have improved...
  6. yalang

    [Guide]: The Art of Generating SEO traffic without ranking on page 1

    We cannot deny the part SEO plays in generating online traffic. When compared to other online traffic sources including PPC, affiliates, emails and SMS, you typically would end up realizing that with regards to average time on site, low bounce rates and conversion rates, SEO reigns supreme...
  7. xGuiders

    My 2 month old blog lost literally all rankings over night.

    Hello everyone, TLDR; My 2 month old site lost all rankings overnight with a pure white hat strategy, send help :D My website hxxps:// xguiders (dot) com lost all rankings overnight when I have been doing everything by the books. No shady links Daily content updates on low difficulty keywords...
  8. aqibarif74

    (AIO) All in one Link Building Mixed SEO Backlinks High DA Contextual Links

    To Order Directly Order now Basic Order now Standard Order now Premium Contact me if you have any question, concern or had to face any error while order. Send me DM Message here! Email: [email protected] Telegram: Maqib1087 Skype: live:webmaster_17045
  9. qwertzui11

    Random content section for SEO, to keepeing it "fresh"

    I have an ecommerce site, that has some ranking product-category pages them are hardly ever refreshes. How can I keep it "fresh" and updated in the eyes of google? There is no new product in the category, and never will be. Just imagine some iphone 8 cases, in a category. There wont be new...
  10. tazarbm

    infinite scrolling on google??

    Hi, did anyone else's google SERP get infinite scrolling instead of pagination? And what do you think of this new change (if it IS something that google purposely implemented instead of being a glitch or something)? Personally, I think that - of all of the evils that google are pulling lately...
  11. Norman_drey

    How to remove all post from serp

    I wanna remove all my indexed post from showing on Google permanently, how do I go about it?
  12. korosho

    INDEXING STRATEGY - OMEGA - What can be done ?

    Hello everyone! I appreciate you taking a few minutes to read this post. I recently encountered an issue and am hoping to find a solution or some guidance. I accidentally purchased 20,000 link indexing services on Omega, and now I need to make the best of this situation. My question is: If my...
  13. forksend

    Google I/O 2023: They revealed new layout for SERP's with integration of AI.

    For shopping KW's it looks like they are trying to send users directly to paid ads and in top serp's they are having how to, Choosing the best etc guides.
  14. webis

    How can it be possible that this page to be on the first page?

    I see a lot of these pages on SERP but why do they rank well? No h1 tag or other headings. There is an image on the title. The page is a subdomain. No text. Only images of text. No alt attribute for images. DA zero. There are no backlinks. No favicon. Affiliate links are redirected with their...
  15. Slangur

    What is this? And is it possible for me to create/edit/optimize for my sites?

    I took a screenshot of BHW website in googles serp and i see that the serp has different pages/descriptions and also have a search bar below the site. I am wondering what this is called and how to optimize it?
  16. Omen40

    Position: 1, Impressions: 1 - all over again

    Hi, as a newbie I have a question that might be kind of stupid, but I'll ask anyway, as I wasn't able to find an answer for it yet. What does this kind of post/page behavior in SERPs indicate usually? (Image below) It's a post on an established domain (~2 years old) which all in all has/had...
  17. B

    Another Hit to Affiliate Websites

    Here we are again, last winter Big G rolled out the "From sources across the web" features, that sumarise the selection of products/rankings for "best of" KWs stealing the listed solutions from all the pages in the SERP (they link to them of course, but still): I'm not a pessimist myself...
  18. mainceaft

    Why SERP becomes such sht results with newer G algorithms

    I know this had being for years now (I'm kinda old), but the way G uses to fight the spam had becomes clearly backfire on them (or at least users whose use them) about month or saw I write article targeting KW had almost no traffic competition are (weak) according to old standards, But G reject...
  19. AllyBarns

    How is this possible?

    Search on Google: "Top Reasons why your CRM software needs a cleanup." The first two results have exact same content and ranking for past 1 year! Both articles are word to word same. #1 published on 8 Aug 21 and #2 published on 4 Jan 21. Wondering how is it possible that Google didn't take any...
  20. R

    CLS problem on my website > 0.25 (group CLS 0.95)

    I have an issue with only URLs that are not well rated and CLS Issues > 025. Will this affect my google search results? And how can I improve this?
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