1. C

    [NEED HELP] Trying to extract APK from a Zebra with Airwatch installed.

    Hi ! Not sure if I am in the right place though, but I'll shoot my shot. I have an Zebra TC26, and it got airwatch with pretty much everything set as an blacklisted app (settings, google play, basically everything) Though, I need to extract an .APK from it, and I have tried many things, usb...
  2. Bloodseeker

    Have you ever found a loop-hope and exploited it so badly that you feel sorry for the victim?

    I found a loophole last year by accident. I thought it's just temporary, but it kept working. Now I am exploiting it so badly I can't even explain. It's on a very popular site. I would love to share it here, but you all will start doing it, and it will get patched :D Once it gets patched...
  3. G

    Any expert here know what method this guy use?

    Dude own 5 same channel and fully monetize it with a lot of ads. Is this the famous vietnamesse/russian method? All of his video on every channel will get 100k views which is big money.
  4. seoforlife12467

    Are Parasite Backlinks & Exploit backlinks pretty much the same? Ok to use to boost fiver gigs?

    Are Parasite Backlinks & Exploit backlinks pretty much the same? And are both ok to use to boost fiver gigs? I read the huge thread on Parasite backlinks, really interesting. I wonder If I purchased exploit backlinks if they would have the same results? They are super cheap
  5. JimJones660

    Negative Google Reviews have been hidden behind fake business

    Hello, I hoping ya'll can help, I want to know how a business was able to change all their details to fake ones and then create a new clean listing without any negative reviews? For example, Emergency Media Pty Ltd has changed their listing name to Milly's Dog Gooming and all their other...
  6. Shropdog

    Exploit links

    I might be very slow asking this, but what exactly are exploit backlinks? Are they viable? Are they dangerous for a site, especially a money site?
  7. BlurryBit

    [Exploit] WinRAR could get your computer hacked!

    Just saw this news in my feed. It looks scary because WinRAR is usually the first software people install after installing Windows. I thought I would share the news with everyone here before someone gets hacked using this exploit...
  8. kn1ves

    [Exploit] Use AWS As A Parasite

    I first found about this method a couple of months back after coming across this. Anybody who has worked with AWS before can figure this method out in 5 minutes. First of all, let's get a glimpse of what you'll be able to achieve once you're done reading this. The URL will be something like...
  9. U

    Instagram Upload Video 2 Min Exploit Bug!

    Hi, Hope are doing well. I just had a technical question re video uploads. How can I post a video file longer than 1 minuet without dividing it into separate files. I know I can use IGTV but the reason why I’m asking is that I’ve encountered these instances where people have posted videos longer...
  10. B

    Found a huge exploit in a sportsbook (advice?)

    Basically odds on a certain sports book are so messed up I can run multiple arbitrage betting cycles to rinse them out of several thousand to low tens of thousands of $$$$ a day. I've tried with a little money at first and nothing was detected. Thinking of increasing amounts now to several...
  11. komo22

    Youtube Channel Gained 340k+ subs in a day without ppls consent, discuss.

    The seem to be gaining more than 100 subs a second. Some kind of exploit? They do have two other channels one with the same content on a channel with 20k subs and one in Russian with over 1 Mil. Apparently they have only posted two videos ever on this channel. What do you think is going on...
  12. A

    3 Money-Making Marketing Lessons from "Liberal Tears Mugs"

    If you followed Donald Trump on twitter you would've seen the 'Liberal Tears Mug' being spammed by bots (bought aged twitter accounts, with profile picture changed to include pro-Trump/Alt-right ideology). How did people react to these bots? Pro-Trumpers retweeted the bots posts ("HA HA...
  13. catwithhat

    Would you do it?

    Hello! So I made Fiverr account and gig "I will speed up your Wordpress website and optimize it for better performance" about one month ago. I have helped 9 people already. This gig requires WP-admin login info from buyer. BTW there are dozens of gigs like this in Fiverr. After my work is...
  14. DarkHorse17

    Google analytics showing me wrong report!

    I registered a blogger blog a month ago for testing purpose. I never sent it any traffic. It shows me 62 pageviews in blogger for that blog, which are all ofcourse mine. But google analytics shows 766 unique pageviews and 882 total pageviews! How can this be possible? Here is the screenshot of...
  15. G

    Youtube monetize, exploit idea

    Hi everyone! I would like to share my idea to exploit youtube with adsense. I am trying to test it but it's not so easy for me or in my country. Basics: In my country there is site that you can post some things to gave away for free or sell it, it has like 500 000 viewers per day, and there is...
  16. K

    Reverse engineering google

    Hello everyone. As the title says, I am beginning the process of to some degree reverse engineering google as best I can without breaking into their offices. I am looking for a few people who are successful to some extent with ranking that would be willing to partner up with me in my endeavor...
  17. P

    I need facebook, backtrack, or hacking experts for a serious issue!

    Basically I need to get back into a FB group or at least find out who the hidden admin is because this "admin" took over a major group and deleted all the head admins. There's some serious foul play I need to get to the bottom of. Anyone who knows how to exploit the hidden admin, find out what...
  18. johandr

    RayWilliamJohnson joined my forum, how can i exploit this?

    hey guys. raywilliamjohnson has joined my forum. he has signed up with an [email protected] email, which is his site. to join my forum, emails have to be confirmed, which he did, so i know it is him. he made about 12 posts already and 3 threads or something posting an introduction. i already...
  19. E

    I think EVERYONE here should get in on this...

    KnowledgeExploit(dot)com not a referal link...just go...rea everything...im usually skeptical about online things like this...but it seem well thought out.. the more that get involved the more we potentially make.. lets create an army with this...
  20. bigchow

    MySpace My URL Trick

    Months ago I was reading a thread on this BHW which taught you putting this code onto myspace profile. Then whoever clicking on the upper portion of your profile page it goes directly to your own web site: <a z= </z href="http://YOURDOMAIN" style="position:absolute...
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