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Planning to apply for Google Adsense, need your advice!

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by psychowarrior, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. psychowarrior

    psychowarrior Registered Member

    Aug 16, 2015
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    Affiliate Marketer, Programmer
    So back in 2014, I made a spectacular blog which was ranked well and generated good number of page views, social followers daily. So after 1 year of blog running without any ads or any monetization program. I applied for adsense and got my account approved. After two days of approval, my account got banned (reason: invalid clicks & impressions, my cousin had came and purposely clicked the ads because he saw some new boxes on my blog!). So I placed other ad networks, did some affiliate stuff made my invested money back and then sold it to another guy.

    Now, my hopes were shattered, I left blogging etc moved on with other stuff and now I'm back planning to get in the game again.

    I have created a completely new blog 8 months ago and it's going great.

    Now I want to enroll for adsense. So the email which got banned by adsense earlier is still being used as my primary gmail account on my computer. So even creating a new account on my computer and then signing up for adsense won't work.

    So what comes in my mind:
    1. Get new internet connection (different IP)
    2. Create new gmail account there
    3. Let it age for a week.
    4. Apply for adsense.

    Adsense gurus, need your advice...will that work? or any better way you can suggest? And if possible could you share some approval secrets? :p

    Best Regards