google adsense

  1. P

    Google Adsense Quiery

    How do I get approval from Google Adsense?
  2. AymanOtaku

    what are google adsense Low value content problem fixing steps?

    as you can see adsense said that my website does not yet meet the criteria of use in the Google publisher network. Minimum content requirements Make sure your site has unique high quality content and a good user experience Webmaster quality guidelines for thin content Webmaster quality...
  3. Loklush

    Did I require google Adsense Approval for sub-domain if root domain already approved

    Hello, Did I require approval for a newly created multiple sub-domain from google adsense & ADX network ? when my root domain already approved by google adsense & ADX Partner Thanks in advance :)
  4. Snqke

    Planning to create blog together and follow my journey here

    Hello guys, I'm planning to create a blog website and follow the journey together even i got some help from your side and growth together.. I have experience in creating tube websites i have more than 5 websites that generate +200$/daily and daily visits of +250K Daily visits (75% Organic...
  5. All Google Services

    Old Approved UK Google Adsense Accounts for Sale

    Old Approved UK Google Adsense Accounts for Sale It is very nice to meet you in the BHW market. I would like to tell you about the features of my Google Adsense accounts, which is my first service. 1) All of the Google Adsense accounts I have sold belong to the UK. 2) The British Google...
  6. ordonia28

    Ideal Traffic for Google Adsense

    What is the ideal GSC performance before applying for Google Adsense? I'm running an AI blog. Most contents are 1k to 2k words. Using gpt4. Domain Age 10yrs. Current post 14.
  7. P

    Need Help from an Adsense Expert

    My website is disapproved. basic situation: The site was created in August, There are more than a dozen original articles of more than a thousand words, ads.txt has been verified, HTTP, HTTPS, www. and non-www can all be accessed, gg has been indexed, but there is not much traffic yet, Do I need...
  8. C

    How to increase by 15% CTR on Google Adsense

    Hello everyone, I'm searching for the way to increase by 15% CTR on Google Adsense. Anyone know tips? Plz show me. Thanks for all ^^
  9. C

    My RPM in US is only 0.01$ - GOOGLE Adsense

    Hello, It's great that my website was approved by Google Adsense yesterday evening but the confusing thing is that my RPM in the US is only $0.01. Can anyone explain to me? Here is some information about the case: Current impressions: 152 Country: USA (And other countries) Niche: My site is...
  10. algorithm man

    Can someone with a UK number with +44 help me for Adsense approval?

    Can someone with +44 number help me? You will receive a text message on your phone. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. xanaIDE

    How to Block all Third-Party Ad Networks in Google AdSense Except Google Ads

    Currently, there are 34429 third-party ad networks in AdSense, and I want to block them all except the ones belonging to Google. There is no button or bulk select option to do that. I searched for a way to do that as the ads from these networks are low quality and bad looking, and found...
  12. Log0ut123

    How to Monetize Your Blog (Get Your First $10k in 6 Months)

    Blogs are a great way to express your take on anything. No matter how niche the subject, there’s probably an audience out there for your content. But bloggers — in addition to all the warm fuzzies they get from writing — enjoy making money. And you know what’s great? It only takes 6 months of...
  13. razharov

    What categories you disabled in Adsense?

    Hey everyone! As I got a lot of adsense sites up, and I always change ad categories that are allowed before Christmas, because thats the time advertisers pump it, the most. So I was wondering, what categories you blocked in the Blocking controls. I limit tested on a few account, and for me...
  14. razharov

    [METHOD] - Successful Google AdSense approval with only AI content

    Hello everyone! I wanna share something with you today. After the chatGPT release, I bought a domain, only to test this out. On the domain, I created a website that is 90%+ technically optimised, meaning that it loads under 1 sec, no blocking, all green in google developers site checker, for...
  15. J

    Creating New Adsense Account Using VM Instance RDP

    Hello friends, So basically i already have an main adsense account on my name for youtube channel, and now i want to make 2 more adsense account for websites i'll be working on, the reason why i am creating separate adsense account is you never know what will go wrong and google will suspend...
  16. SMMTribe

    Hellpppppppp me with Google Adsense

    how can i monetize one page of my website instead the whole website?
  17. &


    Guy's i have had this Marketplace Platform for quite some time it's an ecommerce marketplace that is adsense approved. I need help with it to grow the adsense side of things.If i can get some help and possibly team members onboard etc. Once it starts growing which wont take long at all i can pay...
  18. L1ckMyDorr1to

    How can I fix this issue on Google Adsense?

    Hi all, how can I fix this issue? I'm unable to send a request for review? Thanks!
  19. L

    Ezoic Earnings

    Hi, I have switched to Ezoic from Adsense I have set my mediation also, I am currently earning lower on ezoic comparing to google earnings, I was earning 4$ per/1k views on adsense now I am earning 2-3$ per/1k views on Ezoic do I need to complete any optimization?
  20. L

    Ezoic Approval!

    Hi, I’m thinking to switch from Google Adsense to Ezoic, anyone can help me the requirements before sending approval what do I need to focus more to get the site ready to get approved? Thank you.
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