google adsense approval

  1. P

    Google Adsense Quiery

    How do I get approval from Google Adsense?
  2. Loklush

    Did I require google Adsense Approval for sub-domain if root domain already approved

    Hello, Did I require approval for a newly created multiple sub-domain from google adsense & ADX network ? when my root domain already approved by google adsense & ADX Partner Thanks in advance :)
  3. Shubham Butola

    Google Adsense approval?

    Can anybody can review my site why it is getting disapproved by google adsense. Please suggest me the faults in my site so that I can fix them and get aprooval.
  4. D

    is adsense accepting new accounts during coronavirus?

    anyone got answers?
  5. Roger SEO

    Need your Help! Google Adsense Approval

    So my site is 3 months old and I have 15000+ words on my site. Roughly about 8 blog posts. I've applied to google AdSense a couple of times before posting it here. The first time I got rejected I've read their policies and changed it accordingly. But I keep getting the same rejection message...
  6. Dhilariousdandy

    How do you guys write a good and unique privacy policy page for Adsense approval?

    I need help on writing a unique privacy policy page and terms and conditions page for Google AdSense approval. My site has 100% unique content but my privacy policy and terms and condition pages are not unique, I have tried using some privacy policy generators yet its working out. Google keep...
  7. ridouane yousfi

    You need to fix some things before your account upgrade can be approved

    Hello guys, please someone can help me why always when I want to connect my website with Google Adsense they always refused me and always said: You need to fix some things before your account upgrade can be approved Please can someone help me how to get approved in Google Adsense with no...
  8. Y

    Admob Banned... Can I create Adsense account with similar details?

    My AdMob account was banned 3 months ago. But I have a Google Adsense account which is working just fine until now. The concern is although both the things AdMob and Adsense are entirely different I have provided the same address for both of them. Are there any chances of getting banned from...
  9. psychowarrior

    Planning to apply for Google Adsense, need your advice!

    So back in 2014, I made a spectacular blog which was ranked well and generated good number of page views, social followers daily. So after 1 year of blog running without any ads or any monetization program. I applied for adsense and got my account approved. After two days of approval, my account...
  10. Smart05


    Hey everyone, i'll be glad if someone help me! I have a website with 3k / 4k visitors every day for 20 days now and i apply for adsense 2 times but they did not accept my request! Please if someone can help me with what can i do ? That's my website : removed Thank you
  11. IamDevil

    Best VPN to hide IP from Google? (Preference: Free Service.)

    Guys! I have approved many adsense and launched many sites in the past. I think, Google is monitoring my IP now because whenever I launch a site, either it is not receiving good traffic (what those sites were earlier receiving) or they are getting banned in few days automatically. Also, I can...
  12. Euphorix

    Adsense Blank Ads?

    Hi There! Finally applied for and got approved to google adsense! :) I have now posted the ad code within my site and blank ads are appearing. I'm wondering how long the blank ads will stay on my site before they become real ads! How long does google usually take to officially verify your...
  13. A

    We are buying ready for use Non-hosted AdSense AdSense accounts

    Hi. We are buying ready for use Non-hosted AdSense approved accounts to increase our stock. Do you have a non-hosted AdSense account that you no longer use? Send me a PM with your contact details + price + Country of the account Thanks! * Do not send us a message if you can create a new...
  14. D

    Please i need help on how to get adsense approval for my blog

    Please i need help on how to get Google adsense approval. My blog is more than six month and is now PR 1 on Google. I write original content and always check my content with copyscape before publishing it. I have a privacy policy at the button and also have contact us at the top of my blog...
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