google adsense banned

  1. cmghostbuster

    Help. This might be important for everyone with a Google Adsense account

    Hi everyone. I write this because it is happening to me and maybe to others too... so: What can you do if someone is clicking excessively on your AdSense ads? I don't know who and why but someone started to click obsessively on Adsense ads on my website in order to block my account. Already...
  2. Y

    Admob Banned... Can I create Adsense account with similar details?

    My AdMob account was banned 3 months ago. But I have a Google Adsense account which is working just fine until now. The concern is although both the things AdMob and Adsense are entirely different I have provided the same address for both of them. Are there any chances of getting banned from...
  3. psychowarrior

    Planning to apply for Google Adsense, need your advice!

    So back in 2014, I made a spectacular blog which was ranked well and generated good number of page views, social followers daily. So after 1 year of blog running without any ads or any monetization program. I applied for adsense and got my account approved. After two days of approval, my account...