Outsource or use software to build backlinks?

You have to decide what you want to do... do you want to pick up the shovel and do the digging or do you want to tell the man to use the shovel.

It is really your call based on your ability and desire to use the shovel.
If You want Manual Backlinks. Outsource. If you want Even Tool Build Links, and have not Experience with Tools. The Outsource. Otherwise Build it yourself.
If you want to learn the art and science of backlink building, go ahead and get the tool. It is always good to do things yourself. Like all things - this is a learning process. You WILL make mistakes, and probably get penalized a few times :)
Do not try this on your established sites.

On the other hand, there is only limited time available in life. If you are already occupied with a number of other things, you may outsource your link building to others. A lot of quality services can be found here at BHW and elsewhere.
If you have money to spend then just buy services but if you a like me you will pick up some tools and learn :)
I wouldn't recommend you to use tools to build backlinks unless you have a sound knowledge about SEO and aware of the latest google updates so you can come up with a good strategy.
Links from tools are trash imo. Manual links are best. If you have the time build it yourself if you have plenty of cash outsource. I personally prefer to outsource as much work as possible and concentrate on the big picture.
Buy GSA SER, i own it for a week and must say it's even better than xrumer (i own it too). I noticed serps increases after a week, xrumer sucks nowadays, its success rate is very low, support makes one update per 2-3 months, GSA gets even 2 updates in a day sometimes! Buy this tool you won't be dissapointed (buy GSA captcha breaker too - it gives many more backlinks)
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