1. V

    I tested my first GSA SER project. Did it work?

    It says ACTIVE, but there is no response, so I am asking. I did a Google search and followed a few things. I only did blog comments. 10 proxies are being used, and CAPTCHA is using CB and 2CAPTCHA.
  2. hideath

    ✅ [Guide] Step by Step - Stop paying for Catchall emails - Create your own Catchall Email with minimal requirements (Gmail + Cloudflare)✅

    This can be very useful for anyone creating multiple accounts in the same platforms, You can use this for RankerX, GSA and similar tools, Typically you'll need to pay for $10+ per month to use catchall domain from a subdomain with some services, With this guide, you can use unlimited emails...
  3. ciphercipher1

    Using web 2.0 as tier 1 links?

    Hey there I am getting started with GSA SER and I was wondering if i can use web 2.0 as tier 1 links and blast them? Also should the web 2.0 be always do-follow? Will it pass link juice if it is no-follow? Because i feel like google bots will crawl the links regardless of what rel they have...
  4. hideath

    [Journey] [Case Study] Do Spam/Cheap Links and old SEO tricks still work? (Cheap PBNs - GSA - Web 2.0s)

    Let me break it down real quick, i'll be creating 3 different websites in 3 different niches, Each website will have 10+ PBNs, Each PBN will be spammed with a shit ton of cheap links, including GSA links, Rankerx links, extremely cheap PBNs, etc... I'll be updating this thread for months to...
  5. V

    When creating a backlink on WEB2.0 (medium, telegra etc), can I create a backlink from the same IP using multiple accounts?

    When creating a backlink on WEB2.0 (medium, telegra etc), can I create a backlink from the same IP using multiple accounts? I am using multiple Google accounts because I think multiple niches will apply when using the same account. Just in case, I am logging in and posting one from the general...
  6. G

    GSA website Contact

    Low response from GSA website Contact, Any cold messaging system IF the delivery rate is right. I would expect a 1% rate of response. For captcha bypassing, I am using I am using a list of 50 static residential IPs for checking the site. 1 4G proxy from with a...
  7. ciphercipher1

    Tier 1 links with scrapebox and gsa ser

    Hello everyone, could you please point me in the right direction on how to gather site lists with scrapebox and then filter them so I can build tier 1 with gsa and the sites from the given list. Please anything would work - a thread, a link , an article, your own idea or a thread from the GSA...
  8. dimahna2013

    Seeking Assistance for FRESH GSA/Auto-Approve List for Backlink Building

    Hello everyone! I’m reaching out to this knowledgeable community in hopes of finding some guidance and assistance. I'm currently looking for resources or solutions to obtain a high-quality GSA (Search Engine Ranker) list or an auto-approve list, primarily for tools like GSA or ScrapeBox. My...
  9. navinb

    Proxies - proxies does anyone use them and review?

    Hello, I am looking to buy proxies to use with GSA, Scrapebox etc. Havent seen many reviews about proxies. Is anyone using them and could you let me know how they are. I was considering their Data Centre Premium Proxies with 5000 GB data monthly. Any honest feedback will be...
  10. LX911

    GSA SER - No Targets Issue - HELP!!

    Hi, GSA SER seems to be unable to get out of this loop.. if the proxies are bad then it somehow gets stuck in this zone.. Attention! No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines, no site lists enabled, no scheduled posting) How to push it to re-search and resubmit when new proxies...
  11. rubine2323

    [Case Study] Website Google Ranking 3 Strategies (RankerX, GSA, Hands)

    Hello, I'd like to invite you on my journey as I try various approaches to rank my websites. Over the past 14 years, I've built several websites occasionally, mainly for fun and personal use. However, since February of this year (2023), I've become more serious and am aiming to establish a...
  12. svcd199x

    Questions about forum posting software and GSA, Rankerx

    Hello BHWer I have software for mass posting to forums. Along with the following features: Supports VBB, phpBB, IPB, XenForo, Discuz, MyBB, ... Post news, upload news automatically Supports inserting images, links, videos Spin text. Solve captchas >>So is it different from GSA ser or rankerX...
  13. techbeastzz

    Gsa ser help

    Can someone please give some WordPress article submission site List for instant submission, i just buy Link list but it's not working on WordPress article so i need some websites where i can get some verified article backlinks on WordPress sites Only.
  14. techbeastzz

    GSA Ser Help

    Can someone please give me me article submission list or anything you have to create high quality backlinks from GSA, i actually used option article submission but it actually not scraping and submitting and shows error.
  15. techbeastzz

    Can someone please give article submission list for GSA SER

    Can someone please give me me article submission list or anything you have to create high quality backlinks from GSA, i actually used option article submission but it actually not scraping and submitting and shows error.
  16. rubine2323

    Need Proxy advise fot GSA, Webscraping, Xevil

    Hello, my current Tasks are Website Content Scraping(own Tool), GSA, Xevil. Iam currently using since about 2 months stormproxies dedicated rotating proxies which works fine but iam limited to 80 Threads with 70$ per month which i think is quit high for 80 threads at least they work great only...
  17. N

    GSA SER help

    Is GSA SER good for website ranking. How to use this properly for getting result without bad affecting to my website.
  18. M

    How make GSA use just links from a list

    I made a list of verified links, but when I try to submit only to them GSA also scrapes new ones from search engines even I added just 1 keyword. How do I stop that. I import the list using "Import Target Urls" tab.
  19. V

    I use both RANKERX and GSA. Please tell me your tips.

    I have purchased both and plan to learn RANKERX first before learning GSA. GSA is said to be difficult. But after looking at both simple tutorials, I confirmed that I need a proxy and CAPTCHA service as well. Can I purchase a proxy and use it for both GSA and RANKERX software? For example...
  20. techbeastzz

    I Want GSA Article Submission List

    Can someone please give me a GSA ser list to send articles, i am using article submission but it only send 45 articles in a day with and without verification. Can someone please provide an article submission list to send (publish) atleast 1000 to 2000 articles in a day, it would be great help.
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