1. L

    please help me on increasing the da

    Hello can some one help me and tell me how to quickly increase my website da (domain authority)
  2. crystalwiz

    10 million link blast needed asap

    Hey guys, I need 10 million backlinks on my keywords. This is a tier 4 backlink quality only. Can be comment backlinks with a mix of ******** and nofollow, I don't care. Budget: $10 If you cannot do it at my price, please don't bother to respond to this thread. Thanks
  3. Turbo B.

    Do not use WEBSHARE.IO for your SEO tools

    Earlier I recommended this service in several threads. I am taking my words back. I was using for some time with GSA SER. One day they contacted me asking for the purposes I am using their service. I clearly answered - for GSA. The answer - thanks, everything is OK. Two weeks later...
  4. Turbo B.

    Beware of CAPTCHATRONIX.COM scam

    So I bought this service for Recaptcha solving - as advertised on its website: It was a 100 threads plan. After testing I found it does not support Recaptcha at all, so asked for a refund on the same day: Was waiting for some time for support to respond - seems he ignores me. Later my...
  5. dantes.edmond21

    GSA Search Engine Ranker is still good?

    Hi guys! I would like buy GSA Search Engine Ranker but I don't know if is still. Someone can help me? there are a coupon code for a discount? many thanks guys <3
  6. Xtreme19

    WTH GSA Baclink Blast to Parasite websites for Indexing and Ranking

    Hi, I am looking for someone a GSA blast service for parasite link indexing and Ranking. I have already found a service on BHW for GSA, but i am looking for someone who already is blasting these links with GSA and getting them indexed and ranked.
  7. Lababoo

    GSA Tier 1/2/3

    Hey guys! How do you choose sites for tier 1 tier 2 tier 3? Which sites should I choose for tier 1 and which ones for tier 2/3?
  8. Seppik

    [Questions] About GSA Search Engine Ranker. Any reviews and tips from experienced users?

    Hello! I want to promote my web2.0 blogs and for this I plan to buy GSA Search Engine Ranker. I'm currently researching the features of this program.I am interested in several questions. I ask experienced GSA users to give me some answers and recommendations as a newbie. Thank! 1. I saw a...
  9. seo_alexa002

    Parasite SEO is Dead?? Tried GSA Blast & PBN Links , But Failed to Rank

    Parasite SEO is Dead?? Tried GSA Blast & PBN Links , But Failed to Rank I tried Powerful Parasites like Facebook Pages, GSA blast Quality Contextual links from SER Verified List . Almost 60% of Links are Indexed But Parasite is not ranking can anyone Suggest something that...
  10. metalfingersdoom

    About to go on my first tiered link building! Couple Questions:

    I will number my questions for the readers convenience, Please correct me if I'm wrong on any part down in the comments, from what I gathered, T1 should be: I get that I should add web 2.0's over here along with the foundation backlinks for diversity. My conversation with a power user at...
  11. 4ry4n

    [Question] Where can I learn to use the GSA tool?

    Hi, Is there somewhere I could download videos or read guides on how to use GSA for ranking? For free possibly. Thanks!
  12. 4ry4n

    [Question] Can I use tools like GSA directly pointing to my main Domain?

    Hello, To clarify, I saw somewhere people saying that using GSA directly to rank my main business site is dangerous and that it is a must to use secondary domains that point to the main domains. Is that true? If so, what should I fill these secondary domains with and can someone send me an...
  13. Slangur

    How To Automate?

    Hello, im wondering if it is possible to automate seo? If so how? How does it get automated? What are the tools & processes that are for automation? - Basically i have heard of GSA SER, Moneyrobot, GSA Proxy Scraper, and i have downloaded "BrowSEO" and im kinda confused on fake personas and...
  14. Codov

    GSA SER threads

    Hello all, in a few days of watching the program GSA Search Engine Ranker, I noticed some bugs. If you are using the program, you know a log at the bottom. Periodically it stops, and threads drop to 1 - 0. I often see - Your IP might be blocked on *search engine name*. I've bought proxies at...
  15. A

    What would be a "safe" GSA blast?

    Hi, Guys! Can you share your experience on how many link you should try to blast on your tier 2-3-4, so domains are not burned same day. obviously sfw links, no adult, pharm backlinks. Is there some ammount of backlinks that can help you to index and get some link juice on top and not burn your...
  16. R

    GSA Website Content for Leads?

    Hello, I would like to know can I scrap leads (email, name, contact info etc) with GSA website contact for home improvement category? Like is there any way that I can get contact information of the people who needs home improvement services through GSA Website Contact? And if is there any...
  17. DeL0x

    I have 5 GSA Tools,, Wondering if it's still useful for Black Hat Niches

    Hey There :) I have a license for some GSA tools GSA SER GSA Indexer GSA Captcha Breaker GSA Proxy Scaper GSA URL Redirect PRO I see a lot of guides for these tools but in 2019 and earlier. Can anyone please refer me to a guide or a thread in the forum of some uses I can make with the tools...
  18. T

    Best proxies for GSA + CB

    Hello team ! I use a vps from solidseovps with the following config: 8GB RAM / 160GB SSD Storage Apparently, XEvil won't run on a config like this. So I'm going to look at Captcha Breaker in the meantime. According to you, what is the most optimized proxi to use (including GSA + Captcha...
  19. Alma

    [part 2] spam doesn't work, jk $1.6M - REVEALING the websites [LIMIT 10 PEOPLE]

    Some of you may have read my thread here: These people are making millions of $ monthly. Check how one of the domains grew in just 20 days: FROM TO In total, I found 34 websites like this. Created with autogenerated...
  20. T

    Seo traffic problem of GSA

    I bought GSA ser and GSA seo indexer, payable service from Death by Captcha, they all work normally, The articles of my website are all original, and the keywords are also configured, but I found that there is almost no traffic from Google, only a lot of spam traffic and spam comments coming...