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    How tf are they doing it please??

    Hi guys. I know a particular site that gets 80% of their backlinks from similar pages and sites like this below. Here are examples of the backlinks which I extracted from their profile. (
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  7. M

    Need help with Permanent old domain redirect to new one

    So, I have a pretty old domain over 8 years old. I want to permanently 301 redirect it to my other domain. Can i do it with just redirecting the dns and verifying it. Or, i must keep using the hosting server and redirect through .htaccess files. What you recommend? Any help...
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    Help me clean up google results/link removal (256 sites/results)

    Looking for someone who can help me remove links which are clogging up my search results on google. When I type in my keyword(s) into google there are only 256 sites. I am looking for someone to go through these sites and initiate data removal/a removal for all the sites which are outdated...
  10. N

    Who has the best quality backlinks on the site/does the best ranking?

    Looking for someone with quality and experience.
  11. C

    Advice: GSA Search Ranker

    Need some advice on how GSA search ranker effect website's backlink profile and when I can check to see if the backlinks are pointing to the website's or if Google crawlers seen the backlinks pointed to the websites?
  12. M

    2 links to my 2 sites from the same page

    Hi all, I have exchanged 2 links from my site A to the partner's site. In exchange, the partner has given me 2 links from the same page to my sites A and B. I chose that page because it was high-ranking on relevant keywords. Is it a problem? I have both sites under the same account on...
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    Content or Links? Where you Will Invest More?

    Content or Links? Where you Will Invest More? And also if you can mention Reason Thanks
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    Placing links that can have a seo effect for a tourism website

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    Looking for Chinese Backlinks (or Thai / Vietnamese / Indonesian)

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  18. P

    how do i remove my website's spammy links

    how may i remove my spammy links from my website
  19. P

    how may i remove backlinks from my site.....?

    what can I do to remove all spammy links from my website?
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