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    I am looking for partner to help me drive mass targeted traffic. I have a very specific method and way of generating money that we shall discuss in private. The traffic would have to be sent to a webpage that either myself or the partner in the jv(we/us) owns and has control over. In other words, the webpage that is receiving the traffic would need to be owned/controlled by us. Keep in mind that the traffic absolutely needs to be targeted. The niche I will be working in is web hosting. So those interested in webhosting would need to be the visitors of the website. The unique and lucrative method of monetizing traffic will be discussed in private. I have been doing this myself for well over a year now with complete success, though I need to scale up via the result of mass targeted traffic. Income yield thus far has been 4-5k monthly doing my method very lightly, and would like to expand to a higher income range with your help. If you think you can help me drive traffic or want more information on this jv, just pm me.