1. eaglehunter

    @NFT scammed me for 1,000$ and wouldn't reply to me anymore.

    Hey there, I never expected to be typing a shitlist thread for anyone nor would I have expected myself to get to a rock bottom situation with a VIP member on BHW. @NFT suggested he can grow my discord server with 2,000 real and interested degen NFT members. I was uninterested at first...
  2. M

    SMM with targeted followers (US, UK, Canada)?

    Are there any SMM Panels out there that are offering targeted followers that works? I need to boost my following on an account a bit, but prefer to hit either the US, Canada or the UK as my target audience. I know I will pay a premium for targeted, but most I'm finding don't offer targeted, or...
  3. Fast Cheap Services

    Buying Website Traffic, Should You Be Doing It?

    The introduction of internet transformed the dynamics and brought about sweeping changes across the board in various sectors of the society. Today most of the operations and transactions can be conducted online over the internet and thus it has become vital for the business operators...
  4. erkirheto

    Looking for natural niche targeted youtube traffic provider

    I want to rank my videos #1 - #8 on every upload im willing to pay once and if the service is good enough i will be willing to continue purchasing it. My Budget: 80$ per video would prefer a trial price Musts: -Guarantee for at least 5k niche based clicks per day -The niche is playboi carti...
  5. waidas54

    Easy way to get targeted suscribers

    Hello everyone.. This is my easiest way to get targeted suscribers in the any affiliate products niche. 1. Create a youtube channel for product reviews. 2. Create video reviews of new products coming to the market, you dont need to get a review copy, you only need to talk about what people...
  6. ShiningWarrior

    Where and how to find targeted "buyer" traffic?

    Hi, I'm constantly promoting a CB product into forums, FB groups, Quora and getting good responses but no conversions. Just getting clicks and couple of order form impressions and that's it. So, I have been just wasting my time these 3 days. I just don't understand despite getting good...
  7. N

    Any seller for views (GEO & trending)

    Hello, I`m searching for a service to buy YouTube views, likes, shares & comments for trending in Germany (YouTube Trends). All services are offline, had someone informations for me? thanks
  8. smm-heaven


  9. Robin Sharma

    Youtube Indian Targeted High Retention Views

    Hi I need Indian Youtube views .. Can anyone help??
  10. SystemOp

    How would you monetize a semi targeted email list?

    I have 130.000+ emails in the women's health, dating and beauty niche. These emails are collected from legit members of one site so I know they're interested in that womanly stuff. All of the emails are women's. (Think of it as the MakeUseOf of women.) I don't know any affiliate programs that...
  11. BoostMedia

    There is not a single person who can provide USA Facebook Likes?

    From long time i'm searching someone who can provide Targeted USA Facebook likes. But not a single person i got! i got 2-3 peoples from that some are not able to do it and some are fraud. Is there anyone who can help me or suggest me someone who can do Targeted USA Facebook Likes?
  12. BoostMedia

    Targeted Real Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Web Developer

    Looking someone who can provide real and active country Targeted Facebook Likes. Targeted Countries will be India, USA, UK, Germany etc. Also if anyone can provide non dropping and real Twitter followers, YouTube Views, Subscribers in cheap prices. Also if any Web developer is there who can...
  13. M

    My Twitter Traffic / Bot (GEO TARGETED) | Your Method / Monetization

    Hey there, First, sorry for my english. I've made a custom twitter bot (Updater, Follow, Unfollow, DM, Tweet etc) with unlimited slots and I used to make some dollars in adult niche with crakrev by running 100 accounts but now I want something new to promote as cravrev is not that profitable...
  14. Noah Hawryshko

    (GIVEAWAY) Do You Want $30.00 of FREE Advertising for Your Niche-Targeted Website?

    NOTE: Please remove if not allowed. NOTE: If you're overly paranoid and think I'm going to scam you, steal your niche, steal your marketing techniques, or give your site a bad reputation then don't apply. It's as simple as that. Hello members, I'm not going to make this too complicated...
  15. P

    Urgently need UK based business company's email list!

    Hi, We are urgently in need of 1 Million UK based business company's email list. The business emails must be valid and the business company must operate business in the UK. syntax must be company name:email address:website ski-p-e : live:ph_natex
  16. R

    Best TARGETED Adsense Traffic

    The Title pretty much says it. But in addition.. i have used a good service online which worked good the last year.Targeted Adsense traffic that converts really good more then 50% profit with the first half a year. So a good investment but there where limits the demand eventually became to...
  17. N

    Looking for latino youtube views

    Hello everyone! Im looking for a youtube safe views provider with targeted views from latin countries (chile, mexico, colombia, etc) please message me if u can help, as i am a newbie. Really look forward to make several orders.Thanks a lot 4 ur help
  18. P

    Looking to buy targeted e-mail list

    Hello everyone. I'm looking to purchase a targeted e-mail list to add to my company's newsletter. We are game developer that desperately needs to increase our sales revenue, or all 6 of us will lose our jobs. We require PC Gamers in this list, preferably users of the Steam Digital Distribution...
  19. dam514

    Is buying mass GeoTargeted FB Fans useless vs Worldwide?

    Hi, I am desperately looking to buy USA and Canadian mass FB Fans for a month and a half in order to match my real target. But at the end, does it really matter to have geo-targeted fans or not? since I will use my own target list for FB ads later on. Is there a way to know what's the fans'...
  20. R

    Real And Targeted Pinterest Followers

    Real & Targeted Pinterest Followers For Sale - 1,000 Real & Targeted Pinterest Followers for $20 - 5,000 Real & Targeted Pinterest Followers for $100 - 10,000 Real & Targeted Pinterest Followers for $200 (first 10 orders will get 50% extra followers) - 20,000 Real & Targeted Pinterest...
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