1. hazzi

    [JV] My football videos + your monetised Youtube account

    I create my own football edits for example top 10 Cristiano Ronaldo Free kicks but all i need from you is a fully monetised Youtube account and we can split 50/50 No investment required rom you.
  2. bbbb bbbb

    Looking for a partner....

    So i came up with a product that i feel like would make some good $$$...I built a AWESOME website for it, Its all set up and ready to sell...Im looking for a partner , somebody who can help with marketing this product, maybe some SEO as well...The product is $100 so I'd be willing to split...
  3. 4

    (*)(*)(*) ====> JV - New Linkedin Marketing Software <==== (*)(*)(*)

    Looking for linkedin marketers with lots of linkedin connections, to promote our software, that will add massive members to their linkedin downlines. All targeted to whatever market they want to reach. Get $$$ for every software sold, all done online. Please no noobs.
  4. Aluminium

    Content Writing JV (I provide the content!)

    I was looking into the whole AdSense + affilliate site shenanigans and found myself a bit overwhelmed. While I do want to eventually build by own site so that I can have another means of income, I was thinking about it and I wouldn't mind getting into a JV while I prepare. If you have a site...
  5. Aluminium

    [JV] My AdSense, Your traffic?

    We find a niche that isn't too competitive, create a site with blogger, I put my AdSense on it (it's old, like 5-6 years I believe) and we rake in the earnings. If you have quality traffic I shouldn't run the risk of being banned, we'll split it 60/40. I can also have weekly team viewer...
  6. T

    Looking for a Blogging JV!

    Hello I am new here and I am looking to get a Blogging JV! I am a college senior who would like to make some passive income off of my niche blog which can find by googling howtorandom and going to the first twiiter page join in by leaving a comment and in the comment make one of your letter b's...
  7. codexehow

    Writer Seeking Experts -JV

    Hey all, As the subject says, I'm a professional writer seeking experts to partner with to bring new information products to market. I'll be using Clickbank Powered on my end, just to keep things simple. I know that's a basic system, but I don't have the time or inclination to learn how to...
  8. WebmasterDeluxe

    Method Sales - eBook Joint venture

    I have a method that is 100% Unique that makes monthly income and is VERY passive. It is VERY easy. I am looking for someone to build out the squeeze site, ebook etc...I just have the keep 60% of ALL the revenue from the project. I own a webhost, so hosting of the site is free...I...
  9. N

    Need Targeted Traffic JV.

    Hi, I am looking for partner to help me drive mass targeted traffic. I have a very specific method and way of generating money that we shall discuss in private. The traffic would have to be sent to a webpage that either myself or the partner in the jv(we/us) owns and has control over. In other...
  10. F

    Fresh10's Adsense Joint Venture 1.5K-3K+ a month, no work for investor

    I am looking for adsense account holders with accounts that are 6 months or older, with one payment already processed. Accounts do need own website, preferably located in USA, UK, CANADA Or Europe. I will do all work, just provide me your adsense account and monitor earning twice a week. I do...
  11. N

    75k to invest. Looking for partners/ideas to scale and multiply.

    After a considerable amount of time making income online, it has come to my knowledge that this forum is the foundation upon which I have gained substantial knowledge pertaining to online marketing. With that said, I believe that it is within my best interest to look for business...
  12. A

    Looking to start something

    Hey, just introducing myself here. Im looking to start something maybe a JV to make some money over the next couple years...i have a lot of experience with ID's, computers, phones, and have access to a lot of materials. Thinking about maybe bookmaking...not really sure yet. If your interested in...
  13. K

    Twitter Accout With 50,000+ Followers - PM ME - JV

    Looking for Joint Ventures for those who own a twiiter accout bigger than 50,000 - Can make around $100 daily each!
  14. K

    Need a Google AdSense account? JOINT VENTURE

    Need some advertisements on your website but you got banned from Google AdSense? You can use my account to make ads, and we'll split the profit. If interested, pm me and we can talk about it :)
  15. thxflash

    Looking for SEO partner for Web Business

    I am looking for a SEO professional like myself to help other websites get on top for SE's. This will be a great opportunity to make some easy, extra cash. I will be using online and offline methods to promote our business. I have extensive knowledge on all aspects of internet marketing and SEO...
  16. F

    Fsrevolution incentive site partner

    Hello, I bought fsrevolution script a while ago and it's just setting there in a domain since i don't have time to promote it, so if you have time and knowledge Pm me for a partnership and we will split the profit so if you : 1-Have experience in the incentive area in both "completing...
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