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Need Long Term JV Who Could Write OR Produce Contents!

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by Vanrithy, Nov 7, 2013.

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  1. Vanrithy

    Vanrithy Power Member

    Jun 11, 2013
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    Hello fellow BlackHatters!

    I'd like to JV with someone who could produce quality content for our projects. The projects will be creating the sites and monetize them with various ad platforms.

    We are going to create and create and create sites by sites and blogs by blogs. We'll rank it using manual whitehat SEO, and we'll drive tons of targeted traffic beside organic search, SEO.

    So what is my responsibility and yours?
    Simply speaking, I am on the account of technical stuffs, you're on the account of providing quality contents.

    My accountability:
    - Designing & Developing a well SEO friendly, cleaned codes and quite attractive sites/blogs based on our chosen niches.
    - Keywords research as well as analyzing the competition of those keywords to make sure it's easy to rank in SERP.
    - Optimizing the on-page aspect as well as configuring the on-page SEO.
    - Manually building quality backlinks to our sites using whitehat techniques and rank in top 10 SERP result, off-page SEO.

    Literally speaking, I will do the technical stuffs from keyword research, site creating, site optimizing, site hosting, content posting, split testing, ads monetization, site promotion, driving traffic to the sites, ranking the sites and all others.

    Your Responsibility:
    - Providing quality content as much as possible, that's all.

    >>> I'll responsible for Site Creation, Site SEO as well as Domain Names & Hosting fees.
    >>> You'll responsible for Content Creation.

    We could discuss about niches and topic together. We could use either my ad accounts or yours; we could discuss later. We could monetize our sites with various ad platforms such as Adsense, ClickBank, Commission Junction, Amazon, Ebay, ShareASale, CPA, Affiliate Porducts, Our own products creation and as well as others platforms; we'll see if which platform is suitable and the most earned with each of our sites.

    Why don't I just bought content from many of writing services out there?
    It simple! We will use many contents for various projects. I think I can't just buy and buy and buy because this not a sustainable ways to do business. It's better to have someone who are good at writing and we do the projects together without spending too much dimes.
    It'll be very a sustainable business model if we just spend our knowledge because we won't ever run out of the our knowledge/skill resource at all.

    What's the catch here?
    - Just tell me you are dedicated to make money in the long term and not over night.
    - I don't want to JV with someone who are hit and run.
    - I want honest and good person to be my partners as well as friends.
    - I want someone who are good at content generation.
    - I want someone who need to quite their 9-5 job and earn residual income online.

    That's all! RANK & BANK!

    + Please, state how many articles/content you could produce per month.

    I respect you as my partner, and I want long-term partners. Therefore, our profit will split in a 40/60.

    Please, not being trolled and serious people who want to make money only.
    P.S: If you don't like this JV, just ignore it!


  2. Apricot

    Apricot Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 26, 2013
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