joint venture

  1. treelancer

    My coding skill + your idea

    I am good in coding. If you have an idea and need a coder to code it, I'd love to hear from you and turn it into a joint venture. I am a full stack developer and I have already coded some of the following bots in past: Youtube Views: not worker since 1 year. TikTok: Created this long back. I...
  2. YTPro

    [HUGE POTENTIAL] My marketing + Your solidity development skills.

    It's shitcoin season so let's make some money. I'm the owner of a big organic web3 account we can promote coins, have great web3 smm connections to boost numbers on twitter posts & every marketing move is on our end. Need a very experienced person in coin deployment. If you feel you can help...
  3. OpenSauce

    [JV] My coding skills + Your Idea ⭐️

    I really enjoy coding, but my marketing work doesn't not involve a lot of it. If you have an idea, an ongoing project or just need something coded I'd love to hear from you and turn it into a joined venture. I am a full stack developer, but my strong points are: Python programs NodeJS programs...

    My Male Enhancement Products + Your marketing skills= Millions

    Hello All. I have my own supply chain of Male enhancement products. i can take care of everything from product to shipping to reshipping also payment gateway. If you know some way to generate sales or leads llike SEO Email Marketing Ads Affiliate Marketing Sms Marketing ETC. We can make...
  5. CreativeDaddy

    Real Estate Joint Venture - My Infrastructure & Your Client Anquisition for REAL Passive Income (Big Boys Only)

    Greetings everyone, As some of you already know, I've been a member of this forum for quite some time already and I believe it's time to share success with my IM fellows. About me and my offer I'm 29 year old guy who have spent the last 8 years building a Real Estate Company in South Europe...
  6. syphaxmail

    Upwork account 10 years old - JV

    Hi, I have 10 years old upwork account (when it was odesk and elance was separate). I have almost all 5 star reviews in email marketing, email server setup and campaign management. Due to some personal reasons I could not work on it and now want to work on JV basis. My profile usually get 1-2...
  7. syphaxmail

    Looking for content writer (JV)

    Hi, I have a website where I am targeting USA and Europe(English) for entertainment and celebrities niche. I 'm a technical guy so I can take care of website look and feel and backlinks. I need one guy/firm who can take care trending topic and write seo optimized content. We can split profit...
  8. Digital Finger

    [JV] My SaaS solution [80% built] + Your Marketing

    Hi, I'm looking for someone long term to run the SaaS. I need someone I can trust. The SaaS is in a very in demand niche right now, and only one competitor. I want a hands off approach, I would focus only on backend/frontend, maintenance etc. I have spent around £6000 worth of my time into...
  9. Miqdaddy

    [JV] My time/work/CPA accounts + investments, your strategy and planning

    Greetings! So as the title suggests... I will fully dedicate my time and follow your lead. Moreover I am also willing to make small investments if needed. I have approved accounts in Ogads and Lospollos that can be utilized. I don't mind what niche it is as long as it's effective. You...
  10. TheKingSlayer

    [JV] My funding + Your management = Passive income streams

    Hello BHW fam, I am looking to create a few passive income streams. Hence looking for a few partners with expertise in their field. You provide the business plan, manage the day to day needs, be it a YouTube channel, a niche blog, an affiliate site or anything else as long as its legal and...
  11. justmeus

    My Affiliate website with 100% commissions (high ticket) + Your traffic

    Hello Everyone! So to introduce myself briefly, I'm a marketer from Europe. I have run a digital marketing agency in the past, and I'm now focusing on affiliate marketing. I have an affiliate marketing website. I'm currently making approximately 3/4K organic m/o (with profit margins around...
  12. EcomWolfs

    [JV] My eBay accounts and payment processors + Your HOT products

    Hello, Looking for serious business partner with proven market-fit products and solid supply chain. What I can provide from my side: Any number of eBay accounts Protection that eBay accounts will not be suspended Payment back-end (banks, payoneers, aged paypals) I have warm contacts with ebay...
  13. D

    I need a partner in my YouTube channel

    Hey! I have started a YouTube channel about heels 10 months ago and the channel got viral and now I have 152k subs. One short hitted 20 millions views and many shorts passed one million views. I'm looking for a partner who can make content for the channel. We can do fashion videos or heels...
  14. SMMTribe

    My SMM Panel + Your Scrapping

    So i have a great idea to basically increase sales, and no other panels are doing it. This could be a huge game changer, and if you team up with me. We'll both make money. If you have a scrapping service & email sender. We can definitely come in with huge amount of traffic. This involves...
  15. IrwinJ

    [JV] UK Registered SEO Agency. Your Leads / Biz Dev / Brain? Scaling Up in 2023

    We are a UK-registered business - a SEO agency to be precise - and we have an expansive portfolio of 20+ clients that we are proud of. In addition, we also manage an impressive range of affiliate websites. We love eCommerce clients. But I'm in search of a partner who can add some fresh insight...
  16. SMMTribe

    [JV] My YouTube Verification Service + Your Clients

    I can verify any YouTube channels without any requirements (but we're selective with accounts to preserve our portal access, and limited spots available). You bring in your clients, we'll verify them. We can negotiate the profit :) DM me, and let me know if you're interested. Communications...
  17. A

    [From scracth] My SEO skills, your Dropshipping skills

    I build french niche websites, but you are not required to speak french, since I'll take care of the content part. Let's build a niche site monetized with display ads and dropshipping. We will focus on both informational and transactional keywords. Basically, I'm looking for someone to take...
  18. ecomsuperstar

    Looking for a Partner to run Affiliate Offers for me on Profit share Basis

    Hello BHW! I'm lookin for someone with a vast experience to join me running affiliate offers whether it is black hat or white on their call. What i will do ? I will fund for ads and will get whatever offer you say from any network. Expecting from my Partner! His job is to set up and...
  19. letuvis

    [JV] My Subreddit community - your sales techniques

    hello, I own a few subreddits with decent traffic. crypto niche and music niche, both SFW Who wants to join? I would send the stats in private. We could share 50/50. I have few ideas myself but sky is never the limit.
  20. nerdblogger

    [JV] My Indexing Skills + Your Parasites Building Skills

    Hi there, I am able to index links within a few hours. Though, the only thing I am lacking is pushing hundreds of parasites at once. If you can create hundreds of parasites a day, hit me up. We will split 50-50.