joint venture

  1. Nw_Work

    Have clients + team, you need have video animation skills

    We have video animation/creation projects from time to time and you need have skills making video animated/cartoon explainer videos or other such videos using tools like toonly, adobe animate, tvpaint etc which is actual animation/video creation tools not stuff that is template based video...
  2. Websettled

    JV - My Web Design Skills + Your Leads or Marketplace Profile

    Hello, All friends it's my first JV post so pls don't mind if it's not professionally good. I am a Web Design, Elementor Pro expert who has created many Landing pages and e-commerce stores over a past few years. Copied many Web Designs and structures for client requirements under tight budget...
  3. mr_helium

    [JV] - Your SEO/Niche Blogging + My Photography Business

    I am a wedding photographer of 7 years, and I have to re-branding because I am re-locating. Since it's a new domain, it has not ranked yet. The domain is www.[Brand], so a good start for a blog already. Looking to do niche and local SEO blogging to rank and booking more weddings...
  4. IamNRE

    JV Million dollar business

    Happy new year. I used to think doing things alone is best for business, now that I'm older and wiser I realize teams are needed to get big things done. You can't do everything by yourself. I'm looking to put together a 4 person team (ideally other Jr VIPs) and test a few non-J curve...
  5. mrjoyboss

    Looking for google ad agency?

    I'm running gambling ads through my individual google ad accounts i need someone who run google ad agency account.
  6. WhiteHatWorlds

    JV - MY 1M US Phone numbers / Carrier Data + Your SMS Blasting Software & Offer

    Hello, I have a list of 1M US phone numbers and am looking for a partner who can monetize this. Data includes, first name, number, and carrier brand. DM me privately if you have any ideas.
  7. Nw_Work

    You have AUS post digital id and bit of tech savvyness and currently in Aussie, we have a method, team and skills

    Method is fully legal, rev share model, JV partner has no need to sell, promote, invest etc only need have above requirements to be met and we can discuss further to see if we can work together and if our method is suitable for you or not. Simply DM here in BHW This JV was already sent to Admin...
  8. sgsgsg2323

    My SaaS your traffic

    Hello Im the founder of one of the most useful and problem solving software. Im bootstrapped and trying to reach as big audiances as possible. Tool sells itself- lets spread the word together. Plans from 80-800$ per month Get 35% of recurring revenue. If interested hit me up. No time...
  9. Carlods99

    [JV] My Selling Skills + Your USA Facebook Marketplace Shop Account

    Hello everyone, I am searching for unused Facebbok Account(s) verified never restricted to make togheter profits. What do I need? :) Account at least 5 months old, never restricted, can have 0 feedback. Real and fresh payment method attached (never used on other accounts). USA Account Only...
  10. rocketpr

    [JV] My Ad Campaigns, High Ticket Offers, and All Costs - Your Aged Google Ads Account with Spend History - 5-8% Commission on My Daily Spend for You!

    Seeking Google Ads Specialist with Established Account I'm in need of a seasoned Google Ads specialist to collaborate on several white-hat campaigns. Currently, my Google Ads account is unavailable, and I am looking for someone with a mature account with a decent spend history. While I have a...
  11. Carlods99

    [JV] My eBay Selling Skills + Your Unused eBay Account(s)

    Hello everyone, I am searching for unused eBay Account(s), real, verified from both mail, phone and IDs and never restricted to make togheter profits. What do I need? :) Account at least 9 months old, never restricted, can have 0 feedback. Real and fresh payment method attached (never used...
  12. justmeus

    JV: Your sport streaming website + my traffic

    Hi guys, I have a blog website in an unspecified niche, and one of my sports streaming blogs has gained a lot of steam on the serps. I can potentially push a lot unmonitezed traffic to your sports streaming website. With a lot i mean 6 digit per month+. Looking for a serious partner with a...
  13. AryaStark

    Need a Partner who can do the Instagram Automation - Let's Work Together

    Hey, I wanna work with someone who can manage the Instagram Automation part. I have a good profitable niche, that I've been selling in for years now. What do I need? - Follow/Unfollow - Automated DM's for new Followers That's basically all I need. If you have the time and want to work...
  14. Carlods99

    [JV] Make Passive Income Renting FB USA Account Marketplace

    Hello, We are searching for some Facebook account to sell with Shipping on marketplace (only USA), we offer profit splitting 60-40 if anyone is interested reach out. Kind regards
  15. Carlods99

    [JV] Make Passive Money by renting your Ebay Account to us (Max 10 people)

    Hello everyone :) I am offering a good JV/Second income to you! If you have an eBay account that you don't know how to use or you want an extra income. What do I need?;) eBay account at least 8 months old with email, cellphone, bank account and documents verified. Access to the bank, if you...
  16. BigAllenEnergy

    [JV] My Done-for-You Email Marketing + Your Data

    What I Will Bring I’ve been in the cold email business for years offering a done-for-you solution that includes: - Server and domain setup - Warming (inboxing rate 90+) - Finding your audience (although that’s your job in this JV) - Writing copy - Tracking and reporting performance What You...
  17. B

    (JV) Your Mass DM method + my unique service selling astrology readings. HIGH PROFIT MARGINS

    As the title suggests I currently offer astrology readings online via fiverr and seeking to expand with a person who can mass dm offers. I find this works really well to get customers especially targeting women on instagram. The business is ready to start and have some ideas to create the...
  18. Victoriablue

    [JV] My Bot making and Automation skill using Python + your existing project or a new idea

    Hello I've been making making bots and working Whitehat while also learning new things, I've been browsing this forum and I thought why not get into a JV with someone trusted from this community and create a project, as it will be a win win situation for both of us, my Dms are open but please...
  19. IamNRE

    businessman / manager wanted for [JV] Earn upto $10k+ per month

    I'm looking for someone trustworthy from any of the following countries that would like to setup a business with me & my business partner. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong...
  20. AntiCCC

    [JV] My Team & Offers + Your FB ad Expertise

    Hello Black Hat World Members, I hope this post finds you all well. If you are a skilled media buyer with a proven track record in running successful Facebook ad campaigns, this opportunity might be perfect for you! About Me: I am an internet marketer with a passion for promoting offers...
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