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  1. Gary Carlyle

    Sport niche = Replace the $500/month I get from Adsense if I give you half the profit?

    Hi, I get around $500 a month from Adsense. If you can help me get more than that with my sports site than the $500 I am making a month with Adsense and I will give you half of what I make over $500. The $500 covers my hosting and other associated costs such as email responder. The site...
  2. V

    Need Long Term JV Who Could Write OR Produce Contents!

    Hello fellow BlackHatters! I'd like to JV with someone who could produce quality content for our projects. The projects will be creating the sites and monetize them with various ad platforms. We are going to create and create and create sites by sites and blogs by blogs. We'll rank it using...
  3. P

    CPA + PPC : help needed

    Hello Members i am really struggling as i have bought 100 USD of Credit with 7search for my CPA offers. i am already 50 USD down and i havent even made any single cent on maxbounty. i dont know what i am doing wrong but help here is much appreciated. mostly i am using 1 page submit offers but...
  4. T

    Ideas for live streaming?

    Hello First sorry for my english Looking for some good ideas. I have streaming site and i want to to monetize. Is there any cpa network that accept streaming and have quikly content gateway or any download toolbars. And how some streaming sites use google adsense? Thank You
  5. M

    Cpa Question?

    Hi Can i use proxies to make money?
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